8 Of The Go-To Water Filters For 2022

New year, new water filters. You should be changing your filters roughly once  every 12 months or so anyway, so there’s no better time to change your filters over than at the start of the new year! If you are wondering when you should change your water filter, look out for the signs.

But what are the best water filters in Australia heading into 2022? The truth is there isn’t one holy grail water filter that will be the cure-all and end-all. Each water filter will satisfy a different need. 

In this article, we will discuss what water filters are appropriate for which need, and select, in our opinion, the go-to water filters for each subspecies of filter. So if you’re changing filters heading into the new year, or are getting ready to install your very first, keep reading here so you can make an educated purchase in 2022. 


Do You Need A Water Filter in Australia? 

Obviously, water quality around the country and from city to city will be different. If you live regionally, you may need water filtration, or even a full purification system. Some farms and stations have to rely on rain tank water, and need to apply tank purification solutions. 

If you live in and around a city, the chances are you already have access to clean drinking water. Australians are fortunate enough to have organisations like Water Corp treat the water from the plant, so we can drink it from our taps. 

However, they do lace the water with chemicals that prevent harmful bacteria forming in pipes as it travels from the purification plants to your house. These chemicals, like fluoride, are safe to drink in small amounts, and fluoride is actually good for your teeth. But the taste can be off putting.

So do you need a water filter in Australia? The short answer, no. The long answer, the water coming out of your tap is fine to drink, but if you don’t like the taste, then you should get a water filter! 


The Go-to Water Filters In 2022 and What They’re Used For

So you’re wondering which water filter you should get. In this section, we will discuss what purpose each filter fulfils, and our recommended products for 2022:


Water Filter Jugs

Ahh, the humble water filter jug. A common staple in many homes. This water filter is quick, easy-to-use, affordable, and is stored in the fridge so you can access cold filtered water. However, it doesn’t have a very large capacity, so if there are more than three or so people in the house, you will constantly have to refill it. 

As such, we would suggest this product is used for small families and shared houses. 

Product tip: In the water filter jug category, the Brita Marella water filter jug is a very safe option going into 2022. 

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Water Bottle Filters

The water bottle filter is the most compact option on this list. Unscrew the lid, fill it up, bang, within two seconds you’ve got a full bottle of filtered water. Yes, it can run out just as fast, but because of its manoeuvrability, you can just fill it up again from wherever you next find yourself.  

The water bottle filter is the perfect option for campers, hikers, and all things outdoors because of how portable it is. 

Product tip: A standout in the water bottle filter category is the Brita plastic water filter bottle

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Under-Sink Water Filter Systems 

Out of sight, out of mind. The under-sink water filter system is a method of filtering water passively from under your kitchen sink. They often have a separate tap to your main kitchen mixer so you can access refreshing filtered water in a heartbeat. The down side to these filters is if you want premium convenience, you’re going to pay a premium price. 

This sort of water filter is appropriate for larger households and luxury water users, because you will need a larger capacity of filtered water. 

Product tip: When it comes to always available under-sink drinking water, the Puretec Dual Filter System has to be our pick for the best under sink water filter in Australia 2022.

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On-Tap Water Filters 

Having issues with your water being too harsh and full of calcium? Well, an on tap water filter may be a perfect cheap and easy fix for you. Plonk it on the end of the tap and soften your water. How easy is that? They won’t take out a whole heap, certainly not as much as a carbon filter, but they’ll sure be handy if you just need a minor fix. 

This sort of water filter has an extensive amount of uses, and will always be used to treat harshness in tap water. 

Product tip: For on tap water softening, the Stefani On Tap Ceramic Water Filter works very well, and is very affordable.

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Benchtop Water Filters 

The benchtop water filter won’t filter out quite as much as an undersink water filter system, but they are more affordable. They also, as the name suggests, sit on the benchtop, so they are in sight. However, if you want ready filter water, they can be a cost-effective alternative to an under-sink system. 

The benchtop filter system is appropriate for larger households on a budget, who want ready available drinking water. 

Product tip: A great runner for one of the best home water filters is the Puretec Counter Top System, so give it a go if you’re interested. 

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Whole House Water Filters 

If you have a problem with all of the water coming into your house; your toilets are browned from the water, and your shower screens are stained, then you will need a whole house water filter. They can be very expensive, but will filter all of the water coming into your house, so you get filtered water out of every water source. 

These water filters are best for houses with a significant harsh water problem.

Product tip: For the most extensive water filtration for your home, the Puretec Hybrid-G12 Dual Stage Ultraviolet Filter System is a safe option.

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Filter Cartridges 

If you’re using one of these other filters, or even a filter in-built to your fridge, you will need to know when to replace your cartridge. It cannot be avoided, so buy yours today. Make sure you check with your product manual for what sort of filter cartridge you need. 

These are used for anyone with a water filter that has replaceable cartridges. 

Product tip: An easy to use and affordable cartridge is the Aqua-Pure Multi Purpose Cartridge, because of its versatility. 

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Getting Plumbing Help

Not that installing a water filter would ever cost this much money, but if you are doing any sort of building work in Australia and it exceeds $20,000 in value, you will need a registered builder or licensed plumber. There’s also a set of rules and regulations that you wouldn’t expect that will legally require you to hire a plumber. To install water filters you do not need a plumber.

However, this “need” for a plumber doesn’t address if you simply want a plumber. If you aren’t feeling confident on installing the water filter on your own, feel free to ask a plumber to do it. The Plumbing Store is more than happy to arrange you with a qualified professional.


The Best Place to Get Water Filters 

When it comes to water filters, or anything plumbing related, The Plumbing Store offers very competitive prices on a very easy-to-use platform. Water filter cartridges, water filter housing and accessories are in abundance on our website. Our customer service team is completely local, so whatever your needs are, contact us today so we can work out a solution with you.

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