9 Handy Accessory Ideas To Dazzle-up My Small Bathroom

So, you’re worried that you won’t be able to create that exciting bathroom space to “wow” your guests, because your bathroom is small? Don’t be ridiculous! You absolutely still can, and you can do it on a budget! You just need to be a little more creative. 

But how do you get creative? You now might be worried that you don’t have what it takes? Again, need not worry my friend. 

In this article, we will be walking through 9 exciting small bathroom accessories and ideas that you can use to really dazzle-up your space. So sit back, get comfortable, and keep reading below to alleviate your stress for your upcoming bathroom makeover. 


Idea 1: Room Expanding Mirrored Cabinets 

The first idea we will explore to expand your bathroom are mirrored cabinets. This combines both a cabinet and a mirror into one accessory. Obviously, by having just one accessory, not two, you will save room in the bathroom.

Additionally, having a cabinet behind your mirror will save room with bathroom clutter. Organising creams, ointments and toothbrushes to an out of sight shelving system will for sure tidy-up your bathroom. 

The mirror will also give the visual illusion to make the room appear bigger. The artificial space in the mirror will seem like the room is extended. 


Idea 2: Stunning Towel Rails 

If you are trying to save space in the bathroom, look to the walls. Because you’re working with a limited space, your bathroom accessories have to be functional, as well as beautiful. This is why getting some beautifully functional towel racks is a great idea. You can get them in a range of colours, from timeless chrome to elegant matte black! To browse towel racks, click here. 

Storing some stunning towels on your walls with some clever folding and positioning will elevate your bathroom design. Remember, form follows function. Put the towel rack in the most functional spot, and it will in turn look the best. 

Towel rings, or towel holders are another great towel storing option for your hand towels that will improve your bathroom look. This will also keep people from wiping their hands on your personal towel, instead wiping them with the designated hand towel. 


Idea 3: Roof To Floor Mirrors 

If cabinet mirrors looked like they expanded the room, a whole wall mirror will give off the illusion that the space is doubled. This design choice has become more and more popular with the contemporary style bathrooms, for exactly this reason.

A big mirror like this will also increase the vibrancy in your bathroom by reflecting the light, instead of having it absorbed by a wall. Because of this, it is usually recommended that you keep the colours in your bathroom sterile. If there is too much going on, when the light is reflected back with the big mirror, it could be overstimulating. 


Idea 4: Wall Niches 

What is a wall niche you might ask? A wall niche is a kind of cubby hole or divot made into the wall that can be used as shelving. If your bathroom shelves are taking up too much room, simply build a niche going into the wall, not a shelf protruding out. A particularly useful solution to a smaller bathroom. 

A bathroom wall niche also adds some visual space to your bathroom, which can make it seem larger. 

If you think open bathroom shelving will look messy because your clutter will be exposed, you can install a bathroom cabinet into the niche space. Depressing the cabinet into the wall will save space in your bathroom.


Idea 5: Practical and Elegant Shower Curtains 

Try not to think of your shower curtain as just something that stops water from going all over your bathroom. The humble shower curtain can add a lot of design and “wow factor” to your space. 

When installing a shower curtain, make sure it is movable and folds up neatly. By retracting your shower curtain after every shower into a small and compact space, it will significantly open up the bathroom. 

Additionally, having the shower curtain hung from as high as possible will give the room some length, as well as prevent any unnecessary spray from your shower. 

One more thing on shower curtains, make sure it matches the rest of your bathroom. There are a near unlimited amount of designs for shower curtains, so you can get creative with it. But make sure it still suits your colour scheme and overall vibe you are going for. 


Idea 6: Matching Accessories and Holders 

Small bathrooms require greater organisation. You can have the same amount of items, you just have to be smart with where you put them. This means robe hooks, containers for toothbrushes and other grooming items, toilet roll holders, and soap holders, all have to be strategically placed, and used. If you have a small bathroom, you do not have the luxury of putting anything anywhere. Just like the towel rail and holder, the smartest place to put these things is going to be the most practical spot. 

Also, with all of these small accessories around the bathroom, make sure you match the colour and material for all of them. For more on bathroom materials, read our article on that here. 


Idea 7: Seemingly Floating Shelving 

Floating glass shelving seems like it is hardly there. No doubt shelving that is barely noticeable is a good idea for a small bathroom. Installing floating shelving will give you a convenient spot to organise your bathroom items in an open space. 

These shelves, because they are so understated, go with just about any bathroom design choice. Whether it be sleek and contemporary, or bold and retro, the floating glass shelf will work. 

These can be used around the bathroom, but a great spot for them is over the toilet, which is typically an unused space. This will let you store things in a discrete fashion using space that gets forgotten about. What’s not to love? 


Idea 8: Vanity Storage Units 

Sure, the pedestal vanity unit looks great in a small space. But have you considered a slightly bigger vanity that also has some storage capacity? This can be a great way to remove clutter in the bathroom, just like your mirror cabinet! 

You can get full cabinet sets, or you can even get floating vanity units with inbuilt drawers for storage. 

Just remember, removing clutter will be one of your biggest battles in a small bathroom, so don’t neglect how much storage you will need.  


Idea 9: Intelligently Placed Lighting Fixtures

The smaller the room, the more strategic you have to be with your lighting. You need to make sure you keep dark areas lit up, because if it is too dark, the room will seem smaller. Using things like tape lights under your cabinetry, where it is usually dark, will make your room seem larger. 

However, you also need to make sure you’re not overdoing it with the lighting. Otherwise it can be overstimulating and the room will become uncomfortable to be in. 


Where Are You Going To Get Your Small Bathroom Solutions?

Still wondering how do I style my small bathroom? Well we have two options, either just start having a go, or contact a professional. 

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