Bathroom Accessories To Match Grey / Other Colours

If you want a versatile colour for your new bathroom renovation or remodel, you can’t go wrong with grey. This classic shade creates a calming backdrop for today’s hectic lifestyles, a neutral canvas to pair with your favourite bathroom style or a timeless appeal for a rental property. From grey and white bathrooms to dark grey bathrooms with charcoal tones, this flexible colour allows you to be as creative and daring or soft and subtle as you want. 

Looking for bathroom inspo for your new grey bathroom? This blog is full of exciting bathroom inspo to help you make confident choices for your new bathroom colour scheme.


Which Colours Match Grey Bathrooms?

Now that you have chosen the main colour for your new bathroom, you may start to wonder … What colours go well with grey tiles? What colour towels go best with a grey bathroom? How do I soften a grey bathroom? 

The good news is because grey is a neutral tone you have a wide variety of colour choices to layer on top. Our bathroom specialists recommend the following:


What Colours go well with grey tiles?

Once you have chosen your favourite grey tiles, you have lots of flexibility when choosing the other colours for your new bathroom. Blues, such as dusty or navy compliment grey tile bathroom floors beautifully, as well as whites, perfect for a light, clean and fresh look. 

Other colours that are commonly paired with grey bathroom tiles are dusty greens, a darker or lighter tone of grey and for a dramatic bathroom, you can’t go wrong with black. 


What colour towels go best with grey bathrooms?

The best thing about opting for a neutral canvas/backdrop for your bathroom is that you have a wide range of choices for bathroom accessory colours. Depending on what style you have chosen for your bathroom, you may want to choose white towels for a calming retreat feel or use your towels to add in pops of colour.

Handy tip: Fill a wicker basket with your bold towel colour of choice. That way you can free up space in your linen closet, keep your guest/spare towels in easy access, and add more colour to your neutral bathroom. 


How do I soften a grey bathroom?

Opt for lighter tones when choosing your grey tiles, and pair with white walls (if you haven’t chosen floor to ceiling tiles), wood cabinetry and large bathroom mirrors for a lighter and more open space.

Chrome bathroom accessories such as a towel rail or chrome tapware will help create a seamless fresh and light feeling in your new bathroom. 

In addition, green plants styled on your bath hob, bathroom benchtop or dangling from a ceiling hook compliment grey tiles beautifully and help soften the space. 


Which Styles Match Grey Bathrooms?

Grey bathrooms can be styled and designed in a variety of ways. If you are feeling overwhelmed with too many choices for your bathroom colour scheme here are three grey bathroom ideas for the ultimate bathroom inspo! 

Light grey and white bathroom

Pairing light grey with white creates a refreshing minimalistic style in your new bathroom. This serene tone is also commonly used for traditional or Country garden style bathrooms. 

Rustic materials such as wood cabinetry or shelving are the perfect addition to your light grey and white bathroom for a homely feel. 

Grey luxury modern bathroom

Stepping into a grey luxury modern bathroom will make anyone feel like royalty. You can create this traditional, elegant and timeless look in a variety of ways using grey marble tiles of different shapes and sizes. Imagine a grey marble tile backsplash, benchtop, feature wall or bath hob. Pair with a different grey tone and larger size tile for the bathroom floor for nuance.


Dark grey bathroom

Create a masculine bathroom with dramatic dark grey features such as a dark grey bath hob, or a dark grey stone bathtub. Or why not create a cosy, masculine space with dark grey wallpaper. If you prefer industrial, urban style bathrooms a dark grey bathroom is a perfect choice! 


Modern grey bathroom 

Modern grey bathrooms can be styled with either only light or dark grey tiles, or a mixture of both. A white freestanding bath with black tapware against a large charcoal feature wall creates a modern feature in a light grey bathroom. By adding mood lighting, nature-inspired materials, and a large round mirror you will have a Pinterest-worthy bathroom to start and end your day in. 


What Accessories Can You Use In A Grey Bathroom?

It’s time to get creative and have fun with choosing your new bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories range from big features such as bathroom shelves to small details such as toilet roll holders, towel holders, robe hooks and towel rails.

The right colour bathroom accessory will depend on which style of bathroom you have chosen. For example, chrome bathroom accessories are perfect for creating a serene, light and fresh space. While black bathroom accessories complement grey bathroom tiles beautifully, creating a bold feature against the calming grey tiles for a more striking look. Both the Clark round metal shelf and the Phoenix Radii Double Towel Rail Round are available in black. 

When designing your new bathroom you will need to start thinking about what type of mirror fits best in your space, whether you want wall niches and shower curtains, and what type of lighting will help create your desired look. If you are designing or renovating a particularly small bathroom these choices can mean the difference between a bright and open bathroom or a cluttered and cramped bathroom. Click here to learn how to choose accessories that make your small bathroom dazzle.


Where Can You Buy Bathroom Accessories?

Now that you have your bathroom style and bathroom colour scheme picked out, it’s time to purchase your bathroom accessories. 

The plumbing store has a wide range of bathroom accessories, such as double towel rails, robe hooks, shelves, soap holders, toilet roll holders, and towel holders available in dramatic black or soothing chrome. Browse and purchase the perfect bathroom accessories to compliment your grey bathroom now

For any general inquiries please get in touch with the plumbing store team here

Set yourself up for success and get the most out of your bathroom renovation with this essential checklist.

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