Which is The Best Bathroom Basin Brand? Caroma vs Clark

Wait, wait, wait, before you get down and dirty with your bathroom renovation you gotta prepare yourself. Don’t just start ripping things off the bathroom wall willy-nilly like a child at a lolly shop. Have you even chosen your basin set? 

No doubt, there is a massive range of bathroom sinks and basin taps on the market. So, the question is where do you even begin? 

Tip: Choosing the brand of basin you prefer is the best place to start. 

This will allow you to narrow down your search. This is usually where most people end up in the situation of comparing Caroma basins Vs Clark basins, some of Australia’s best basin brands. 

In this blog, we discuss the different kinds of basin sinks, their pros and cons, and how to compare some of Australia’s best types of bathroom sinks from major brands like Caroma and Clark

4 Bathroom Basin Designs and Ideas 

The different design styles of bathroom basins are extensive. They come in a wide range of materials and sizes. Depending on the style of your bathroom and your vanity, one will be the perfect suit for your renovation. Here are four of the most common designs: 

Countertop Vanity Basins/Vessel Bathroom Basins

A vessel or countertop basin is, as the name may suggest, a basin that sits on top of the vanity. 

Countertop Vanity BasinsVessel Bathroom Basins


These basins are great focal points for your bathroom and take up a lot of attention. They can make a real wow factor in your bathroom


Because they sit atop the benchtop, the cracks between the bench and the sink can make it difficult to clean. Also, since they are on top of the countertop, they elevate the height of your vanity. Be very careful measuring and planning your bathroom renovation when using vessel basins so that you don’t make them too high.

Good For 

They are typically used in simplistic bathrooms and contemporary homes. They stand out, get creative with your materials for this sort of basin, not your accessories. Your accessories will look less like accessories and more like clutter!

Inset Basins

Inset basins are probably the most popular basin design choice. They are dropped into the vanity and have a lip that sits on top of the bench. The lip helps with installation and makes sure water stays in the sink. 

Inset Basins


Inset basins are easy-to-install, affordable, and look great. Since they are so commonly used, they come in a massive range of sizes and materials. The lip also makes them great for kids who might otherwise get water everywhere. 


Unfortunately, the lip keeps water in, but it also means you can’t sweep water back into the sink off the benchtop. Inset basins will also take up space in your vanity cabinets underneath your sink.

Good For 

This style is typically used in traditional family homes and ensuites. 

Under-Mount Basins 

Under-mount basins are like inset basins, but they don’t have the lip surrounding the basin. They are dropped into the vanity and the benchtop is fitted on top of them. Think of inset basins being built into the top of the vanity, and under-mount basins having the benchtop built on top of them. 


This creates a seamless look in the bathroom, as the basin appears to just be a hole in the benchtop. This sort of bathroom sink is easy to clean. The flat surface takes two seconds to wipe and water can easily be swept into the sink.


This basin style limits what sort of vanity you can have. It will usually only work with a solid benchtop like stone, and isn’t suitable with things like laminate, or even wood. Also, these basins take up a lot of room in your vanity storage. Under-mounted basins are typically more expensive too. 

Good For:

This style of bathroom basin is suited to contemporary homes and Hampton style vanity. It is sleek and elegant. 

Wall Mount/Pedestal/Small Vanity Basins 

The last styles are simple. They are a sink, and nothing else. These can either be standing on a pedestal or coming out of the wall

Wall MountPedestalSmall Vanity Basins


They take up very little space and are very minimalistic. 


Since they are so small, they offer no benchtop space to put bathroom products.

Good For:

This style of bathroom basin is perfect for small bathroom nooks and bathrooms where space is limited. However, they have also come into fashion in contemporary style homes that try to emphasise simplicity. In these bathrooms, they try to find storage elsewhere, like in medicine cabinets, since there is none on top or underneath the sink. 

Caroma Basins 

Caroma has been in the industry since 1943. For Caroma, form follows function. According to Canstar Blue reviews, Caroma excels in ease-of-cleaning and their value-for-money. 

Their sinks and basins look the way they do because they want the ease-of-use and cleaning to be emphasised. The Caroma product shouldn’t be a pain. That is their goal.

Caroma offers kitchen, laundry and bathroom basins that are backed by a 20-year warranty. 

Clark Basins 

Clark has been in the industry since 1941. Clark pride themselves on good, durable Australian quality products at an affordable price.

On Canstar Blue, Clark performed exceptionally well in the variety and quality/durability categories. This reflects Clark’s knowledge of Australia’s diverse tastes, and how Australia demands quality products.

Clark provides a 10-year warranty on most of their sinks and includes the dimensions of their product, as well as how to best install it. 

Clark vs Caroma 

When it comes down to it, both are one of the best bathroom basin brands in Australia. Both have been in the industry for nearly 80 years! Caroma may provide you with a touch more affordable and functional basin, but Clark gives you a variety of durable quality products. 

Side by side, Caroma are the more simplistic, smaller, contemporary use-anywhere basin brand. Meanwhile, Clark specialises in bigger and more diverse products, like wall basins and large inset basins. 

  • Caroma = Small Simple Contemporary Basin Styles 
  • Clark = Larger Statement Making Basin Styles

The best way for you to decide is to browse their range of products and see which of their materials suits you. Ceramic basins, matte black, stainless steel and much more, in a range of styles, are catered by both brands. Go have a look.

Where Can You Browse The Caroma and Clark Range?

If you’re still trying to choose between a Caroma or a Clark basin for your next bathroom makeover, The Plumbing Store has a terrific range in both brands. Browsing our selection will help you decide. 

If you’re decking out a small, contemporary style bathroom, our Caroma basins will have you covered. Or, if you’re wanting something a bit more attention grabbing, our Clark range will suit your needs.

Our customer service team is completely local, so no matter what your bathroom needs are, contacting The Plumbing Store will provide a solution. Contact us today or browse the website to complete your renovation journey!

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