A Complete Guide to The Best Tapware Brands in Australia

If you’re looking for the best tapware brands in Australia, look no further. We break down all the best Australian tapware brands for building and renovating your bathroom or kitchen, why it’s important to consider brands before purchasing tapware, and the key differences between the top brands.


Why Is It Important to Consider Brands Before Choosing the Tapware for Your House or Project?

Bathrooms and kitchens take a beating every single day and your tapware is likely the most-used appliance in your home. You should therefore carefully consider the brand and type of tapware you go for.

Some Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Tapware Brand


Be realistic about your budget. You don’t have to overspend to get good tapware. You just need to find the balance between a durable product and your budget.


If you choose cheap, low-quality brands, they probably won’t last long. The material you opt for is also a factor. If you go for chrome, brass, or stainless steel from your quality tapware brands, they are likely to last much longer.


You also want to feel what it feels like when you handle the tapware, as you’ll be doing a lot of that over the years to come!

Filtered Water

Certain tap brands will come with a built-in water filter.


High-quality brands also generally offer some after-sale support and guarantees, which will give you that additional peace of mind.


Not only is the integrity of your bathroom and kitchen tapware brands important, but aesthetically the tapware you install can make a big impact on your kitchen or bathroom.

What Are The Main Differences Between Brands?

More often than not, tapware is imported. However, there are a couple of exceptional, quality Australian tapware brands.

You’d be surprised at the different features and differences you can find when looking for tapware. The material used can make or break your tapware, and although it might sometimes look good, it could be impractical.

The main differences between tapware brands usually come down to:

  • Cost
  • Material
  • Fittings 
  • Features 
  • After-sale warranty
  • Reputation in industry 


Best Tapware Brands Australia: Kitchen Tapware and Bathroom Tapware Brands 


In 1941, South Australian Charles Rothauser invented the very first all-plastic, one-piece moulded cistern. It was created to help fight the corrosive water in Adelaide but was such a hit that they started the company Caroma. Today, it’s a trusted Australian brand in kitchen and bathroom tapware.

With smooth finishes and quality ergonomic functionality, their Basin Mixers, Bath and Tapware Shower Mixers, and Sink Mixers will be a wonderful addition to your home. 


Proud Australian tapware manufacturers CLARK started way back in 1941 and is a brand best known for its high-quality laundry and kitchen sinks. They also branched out to include bathrooms recently, which has fast become popular home additions. 

Although CLARK products look very sophisticated and high-end, you will be surprised how wallet-friendly they are. Their cross wall basin/bath set doubles as a kitchen tap or bath tap and looks good while it does so. 


A sophisticated bathroomware brand in Australia, Harmony supplies quality laundry, kitchen, and bathroom fixes. 

With a wide range of available products, you can choose between the more modern or classic, timeless pieces like the Enhance range, featuring a basin set, bath set, tapware shower set, and wall top set.


With a long industry dating back to 1886, this globally-renowned tapware brand is beloved in Australia.

Their Methven Sigma Shower Range gives you full flexibility, created with five spray settings for the ultimate shower bliss. They also offer a hand, wall or rail shower option to work with any bathroom design. 


This brand has humble beginnings back in rural Victoria in the 1980s. Today, however, Phoenix tapware is renowned for its quality across Australia. 

Their products are continually represented in the world’s leading awards and competitions, specifically for their aesthetically pleasing yet functional designs. They are known for their colonial and heritage styles with curved shapes and bathroom fittings in gold or rose gold. 

They offer different types of bathroom tapware, from your classic bath tap set,  swivel basin set, wall basin set, rush basin tap set, and shower set.


A division of Novelli, Award Brands, it is an established brand in the Australian market. With a more traditional look-and-feel, it will be a timeless addition to your home.

Take a look at their basin set, bath set, and shower set.


With over 20 years of innovative design in kitchen and bathroom accessories, Stylus is well-known for its international building projects across the globe. 

Browse the basin mixer taps, shower/bath diverter, shower/bath mixer, sink mixer taps, and tower basin mixer taps. 


How to Choose Between Brands

When making the call about which tapware to opt for, you should first consider your budget. There are many good tapware brands out there, but quality should not be your only focus. It would help if you also thought about the space you will be placing it in. Many top tapware brands offer some flexibility or will have different types of tapware to suit different spaces. 

Always do your research on the brand and on what will best suit your space.

Here are some things you need to consider when looking for tapware to suit your space.

How big is the basin or bath you will install the tapware in? 

You want to ensure that you get the correct size.

What current style and aesthetic do you have in your bathroom or kitchen? 

You also don’t want your tapware to look completely out of place. Instead, you want it to blend in with the design of the rest of the room. 

What plumbing do you have installed? 

You might want to check with a plumber as certain styles require other plumbing, which will come at an additional cost. 


In Closing: Get Top Australian Tapware Today

When in doubt, you should consult the professionals when choosing and installing tapware from kitchen and bathroom brands. It’s much less expensive to get it done right the first time around than fixing a bad installation job or faulty tapware. 

Contact us today if you need any plumbing advice or products, and we’ll get you sorted in no time.

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