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Living Better, Since 1948
Almost 70 years ago, Keith Hooper, a former toolmaker, opened a humble tap manufacturing business in the stables of a dairy in Malvern, a Melbourne suburb. Needing a short, sharp company name, and being an ardent admirer of Henry Ford as a dynamic go-getter, he reversed the D and F in Ford and ‘Dorf’ was born.

Keeping abreast of emerging technologies and design trends has always underpinned Dorf’s success, from the 1960’s where major technological advancements saw the introduction of coatings for finished tapware, particularly powder coatings, to the 2000’s where chrome-plated tapware had overtaken the coloured versions and 3-piece tapware was replaced by the rise of the mixer tap, a trend originated by Dorf’s Flickmixer.

Today, the Dorf name is synonymous with bathroom and kitchen fittings that offer the very best of function, style and reliability. With a focus on rigorous testing and refinement, Dorf has established several industry design trends and product innovations, many of which have become household names.

From humble beginnings and rudimentary manufacturing processes, Dorf is today, an ever-present feature in bathrooms and kitchens around the country – an achievement that we intend to continue. Because at Dorf, it’s always about how we can live better.

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