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The Paloma Group
The Paloma Group is a privately held manufacturing company that began operations in 1911 as a pioneer in the Japanese gas appliance industry. Today The Paloma Group is the leading world producer of gas appliances. The Group is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan and has manufacturing facilities and sales offices in Japan, USA, Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, China, Singapore and Vietnam. All manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 or 14001 certified.

Global Brands
The Paloma Group manufacture a wide range of water heaters, solar water heaters, gas stoves, rice cookers, room heaters, swimming pool & spa heaters, domestic and commercial heaters, warm air furnaces & air conditioners and market these products under the following brands: Paloma, Rheem, Solahart, Rudd, Raypak, Everhot, Edwards, Accent Air, Aquamax and Vulcan.

Commitment to Safety
Paloma prides itself on its commitment to achieving the highest level of safety engineering of any company in the gas appliance industry. We certify our products to the safety standards of the countries where we do business. But we continually challenge ourselves to strive for a higher standard.

Integrity & Effort
We work together with our clients in a spirit of integrity, fairness & partnership and guarantee, continuity & stability in our business relationships. This means we keep our promises. We make every effort to make our actions straightforward and sincere. We will not be content with the way things are and find ways to improve innovate and add value to the products we manufacture.

Manufactured in Japan
Paloma gas space heaters are manufactured by Paloma Japan at their manufacturing facilities in Nagoya & Nagota. Paloma gas Heaters are imported by Rheem Australia at the beginning of our winter season and are sold in Australia through energy retailers, electrical retailers, specialist retailers and trade outlets.

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