How to Choose a Water Filtration System

Have you considered acquiring a water filtration system for home use? Since tap water is a basic necessity which contains many natural and artificial impurities, complete home filtration isn’t a bad idea! Some of these impurities are harmless, only affecting the taste and smell of your water supply, while others can be damaging to your health. 

Perhaps you want to improve the quality of your home’s drinking water, or you want to prevent illness in your family. Whatever the case may be, allow us to guide you through the process of finding the best water filter for home use.


What Are the Types of Water Filters?

There are various types of water filters on the market. The trick is knowing exactly what you want and need in your home. Let’s take a look at the different types of filters.


Bottle Filter

From $18 a piece, bottle filters, or water bottles with installed filters, are super convenient, portable and easy to use and replace. However, they have shorter filter lives which result in high ongoing costs.


Jug Filter

Water filter jugs are also very easy to use and replace, ranging from $20 to $75 in price. Some jug filters are slow and prone to clogging, which hardly makes it a long-term solution. 


Tap-Mounted Filter

The most convenient kind of filter, a tap-mounted filter, allows users to quickly swap between filtered and unfiltered water, costing $25 to $75 initially and about $50 to $120 per year ongoing. You can sometimes also rent these water filters, which makes them portable. 


Counter-Top Filter

Countertop filters range from $60 to $350, making them a more expensive option. The benefit of these kinds of filters is that large amounts of water can be filtered without any plumbing modification, and countertop filters don’t clog as easily as jug filters. These filters can also be rented.


Under-Sink Filter

The most expensive up-front option, under-sink filters, initially cost up to $600. However, this filter filters large amounts of water without cluttering your countertop or attaching it to an existing tap. These instant filtered tap water systems are the way to go, as they provide users with hot, chilled or sparkling water on demand.


The Different Filter Mediums

All the filter systems consist of a combination of filter mediums, depending on what needs to be filtered out.


Adsorption or Filtration

Adsorption uses a substance like carbon to force contaminants to adhere to the carbon source’s pores, removing odours, tastes and unwanted particles from the water.



Due to large amounts of minerals in your water, you might notice build-up in your kettle, bathtub and sinks. A softener reduces the number of minerals in or hardness of your water.


UV Treatment

UV Treatment uses ultraviolet light to disinfect water to a potable standard.


Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis uses water pressure from your pipes to force water through a thin membrane. This blocks most contaminants, washing them away. 



Distillation involves boiling the water and collecting the condensed water to remove contaminants.


What Type of Water Filtration System is Best?

What filtration system is most effective? Which is better, reverse osmosis or filtration?

While reverse osmosis removes several unwanted impurities, it also eliminates healthy minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and fluoride. The deficiency of these minerals may cause several health issues, and the lack of minerals makes water tasteless, increasing acidity. Carbon filters preserve minerals, making them a safe alternative for water that doesn’t contain severely harmful contaminants.


What to Look For in a Water Filter

Here’s what you need to look for in a water filtration system:


1. Contamination Removal

Since water filtration aims to remove contaminants, you’ll want to find out exactly which contaminants are present in your tap water so you can target their removal. Get your water tested in a certified lab and use the results to determine which filter will suit your needs best.


2. Filtration Rate 

Maximum filtration rate refers to the amount of filtered water a filter can produce daily. So, if your daily water consumption outweighs the full litres of water your filter produces, the filter might not be the best fit for you. Before shopping for a filter, it would be wise to calculate how much filtered water you need daily.


3. Water Quality

Besides removing contaminants, your filter should improve the overall quality of your water. This includes destroying bad tastes and smells, maintaining a proper pH balance and preserving natural minerals that are beneficial to your health.


4. Cost

Your budget will ultimately determine the type of filter you buy. Besides the initial installation cost, having a water filter comes with additional expenses. Calculate how much electricity your filter uses and what cartridges cost to understand the prolonged fees.


5. Maintenance

Ensure you consult your water filter guide to determine how often you need to replace your cartridges. You’ll want to avoid filters that require frequent cartridge changes.

To ensure your filter works efficiently, you must take care of it well. Keeping your filter in excellent working condition is essential to ensure a pure, healthy water supply.


How to Tell If Your Filter Is Working Properly

The best way to tell if your water filter is working correctly is to purchase and perform a home water test. The test will show if your water contains harmful levels of bacteria, lead, pesticides, chlorine, nitrates, and nitrites, revealing your water’s pH and hardness. 

Otherwise, you can go to a certified lab with a sample of your tap water before you install a filter and a sample after the filter has been installed to compare the results.


Who Can Help?

Contact The Plumbing Store today for the best water filters Australia has to offer! We’re water filter system experts who can guide you through the process of acquiring your very own tap water filter. Get the best water filter for your home and invest in the well-being of your household. 

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