9 Cost-effective Bathroom Accessories to Instantly Improve The Look and Feel of Your Bathroom

Bathrooms have become somewhat of a focal point for many homeowners in Australia, as families and couples alike, look to elevate their bathroom experience. From updating bathroom fixtures and installing a new bathroom vanity, to something as simple as adding some indoor plants, there are many ways you can instantly improve the look and feel of your bathroom.

If you’re building new, renovating, or simply looking to give your tiresome bathroom decor a facelift, stick around and stay awhile. In this post, we explore bathroom products, accessories and ideas that can instantly improve your bathroom interior. 


Update basin tapware

Inject a sense of flair and character to a vintage bathroom or go modern with chrome, updating your bathroom tapware is one of the easiest ways to give your bathroom interior a boost. With so many new styles of bathroom tapware available online in Australia, you’re truly spoilt for choice when it comes finding matching tapware

Depending on your home’s interior, there are many different styles of basin tapware and finishes to choose from. Stylish chrome mixers are perfect for modern themed bathrooms and are easy to operate, providing a steady flow of perfect-temp water. 


Swap out old shower fixtures

Want a more hotel-like bathroom experience? Luxury bathroom accessories doesn’t mean forking out $1,000 to spend a night out at Crown Towers. You can easily bring the lux experience to home with a rain-like overhead shower. No babysitter required. 

There are now many affordable models available online and attach easily onto existing plumbing. For an instant boost to your bathroom interior, and a showering experience you long for after a hard day’s work, swapping out old shower heads is an easy enough task.

Prefer functionality over aesthetics? Why not both?


Install a rail shower

Tired of doing 360 spins in the shower? Rail showers, functionality perfectly coupled with aesthetics, can instantly improve the look and function of your bathroom. Available in matte black and chrome, rail showers allow you to detach the shower head and turn it into a handheld making it easier to clean off soap suds on your body. As a bonus, they also make it much easier to wash and clean the shower area. 


Complement your bathroom design with a new basin

Ever tried washing your face in a small basin only for your countertop to be left with water mark stains? Frustrating to say the least. There are many reasons why you would want to replace your bathroom basin including being hard to clean and outdated, but hey, if you’re changing the tap set, why not go all the way and get a new matching basin

Available in a wide range of designs and styles including above counter basins, inset, semi recessed, and wall basins, you can easily improve the look and function of your bathroom, no matter the size. 


Change outdated light fixtures

Ready to see your bathroom in a new light? Changing outdated lighting for something new and dramatic can instantly enhance the mood and feel of your bathroom interior. Swapping to more power-efficient LED lighting can also help you save more on your energy bills and is a relatively cheap and easy improvement to make.

Small bathrooms can also benefit from a visual enhancement, making the room appear bigger than it seems. 


New tiles, new me

Have your tiles seen better days? Cracked, stained and damaged tiles can really bring down the look of your bathroom and take away from that ‘spa-like’ experience. If you’re okay with dropping more than a dime or two, re-tiling the bathroom can make a world of a difference. 

If re-tiling is out of the budget, simply cleaning your grout or re-grouting can be just as impactful for a like-new look. 


Don’t skip on the towel rails

You’d be surprised just how much of an impact towel rails can make on the overall design of your bathroom. Would you consider them as unique bathroom accessories? Probably not. But there are unique towel rail designs available that can help you instantly improve the functionality and style of your bathroom. 

Best of all, towel rails are fairly inexpensive and very easy to install, so it only makes sense that it makes our list of top bathroom products. For contemporary interiors, choose from rounded single rails in matte black or opt for something a little more modern with a chrome finish


Add a shower shelf

No bathroom accessories set is complete without a shower shelf. If you weren’t able to install a shower recess, installing a shower shelf is the next best thing. Apart from giving you added storage space, shower shelves also save you the trip of bending down and grabbing the shampoo, which is a blessing for those with bad backs. 

Finding matte black bathroom accessories to match your contemporary style bathroom is now even easier. With so many designs, sizes and styles available in Australia, you’ll be amazed at how much time you will spend on looking at shower shelves


Experiment with finishes

There’s more to life than being ridiculously monochromatic. Bathroom accessories have come a long way. Brushed nickel bathroom accessories have become increasingly popular as many Aussie homeowners look to spice up their bathroom interior. You’ll find that most bathroom products and accessories are now available in more finishes including rose gold, gloss and matte black, gold, and chrome. 

While staring at your bathroom in confusion wondering how to instantly improve it, consider experimenting with different types of bathroom tapware finishes. 


Where to buy bathroom accessories

There are many outlets you can go about when shopping for bathroom products and accessories. But this usually requires you to visit multiple store locations to find what  you’re truly looking for. Home renovations are much easier when you’ve got everything you need in one place. The Plumbing Store’s online range of bathroom accessories has everything you need to bring your bathroom ideas to life. Available Australia-wide with competitive prices, and local customer support, update your bathroom from the comfort of your home today.

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