Is filtered water better for you than tap water?

Do you hate the taste of tap water? Or are you are concerned about the possible harmful chemicals you and your family are consuming with every sip of water?

This blog is here to help you answer important questions such as, “What is the healthiest water to drink?” and “Is filtered water better for you than tap water?” so you can make a confident choice on the best drinking water for you and your family. Let’s begin. 


What Is The Difference Between Tap Water and Filtered Water?

Both tap water and filtered water in your home are sourced from your town’s local water supply. Tap water quality is tested rigorously to ensure it is safe to drink, in fact, your local water supplier will provide annual water quality reports and information for your peace of mind. 

Australian water treatment plants and secondary disinfection plants use a range of methods to make your tap water safe for drinking, including chlorine, chloramine and Ultraviolet irradiation. These methods help kill harmful bacteria in tap water. 

What is filtered water?

The difference between tap water and filtered water is that filtered water goes through an additional step that purifies the tap water. Filtered water can refer to bottled water you buy from a store or tap water that is purified through a water filter jug, water bottle filter, under sink water filter, on-tap water filter, benchtop water filter, or whole house water filter. 

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Although tap water is generally safe to drink many Australians prefer filtered water. This is normally because they don’t like the taste of tap water or because of what is in tap water, such as fluoride, chlorine and possibly heavy metals. 


What Are The Pros And Cons Of Tap Water And Filtered Water?

If you are still wondering if and why tap water is better than filtered or is filtered water better to drink, our quick pros and cons list provides helpful information on tap water and water filter system benefits and negatives. 


Water filter benefits

  1. Saves you money: Instead of buying filtered bottled water a water filter system in your home will decrease your weekly grocery bills. 
  2. Improved taste: Filtered water tastes better than tap water because the chlorine and bacteria have been filtered out. 
  3. Improved health benefits: Removes harmful minerals while keeping the good ones, such as magnesium and calcium.
  4. Better for the planet: Reduces the number of plastic bottles thrown out every year. 

Water filter negatives:

  1. High maintenance: Depending on the type of water filter system you purchase it will need to be replaced regularly. 
  2. Takes up space: Counter-top water filters and under sink water filters take up space. Although with plenty of kitchen storage and counter space, this isn’t an issue for homeowners. 
  3.  Slower flow of water: Water filter systems such as a water filter jug or tap mounted filter sometimes slows the flow of water. 

Tap water benefits:

  1. Contains essential elements like magnesium and calcium
  2. Improved dental: Added fluoride in tap water s beneficial for healthy teeth and bones, preventing dental decay, and is endorsed by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).
  3. Inexpensive: Tap water is free when dining out, and readily available at public drinking fountains.
  4. Convenient: Whether you are filling your glass up from the kitchen water or the bathroom water tap you can enjoy easy, quick and safe drinking water at home. 

Tap water negatives:

  1. May contain trace elements of harmful additives and chemicals.
  2. Bad taste: Some Australians can’t stand the taste of tap water, affecting the amount of water they drink daily. 


Which Is Better For You?

Is filtered water better to drink? Or is tap water better than bottled water? The best water to drink is the one you can afford. If the taste of tap water is preventing you or your children from drinking an adequate amount of water every day then installing a water filter system or using a water filter jug may be best for your home. In addition, if you can afford to install an under sink water filter your whole family can enjoy the incredible water filter benefits for years to come. 


How To Make Filtered Water

There are many types of pure water systems to choose from depending on your household needs and budget. These water filters may reduce unwanted contaminants, including lead, in your drinking water. Below we have listed the three most common water filtration systems that can turn your tap water into the best drinking water:


1. Distillation

This water filter system involves heating water to a boil and collecting the condensation, leaving contaminants behind. The centers for disease control and prevention rank distillation as highly effective in removing lead, common bacteria, chromium and other chemical pollutants from tap water.


2. Reverse Osmosis

This water filter system reverses the natural flow of water and the process of osmosis, which allows water to pass through a semipermeable membrane as a much more diluted solution. The minuscule pore size of reverse osmosis systems causes the highly effective removal of chemical contaminants from tap water, such as lead and bacteria.


3. Activated carbon filters

This water filter system involves removing toxins and contaminants through absorption. Since carbon absorbs organic molecules and traps them within the carbon pores, clean water is allowed to pass through. It’s important to note that the surface of this type of drinking water filter becomes saturated and must be replaced regularly to ensure its continued efficacy. 


Are you worried about lead in your tap water?

Our blog How to make sure your water filter really removes lead shares more helpful information on using a water filter system to remove lead from your water supply. Including how lead is introduced into drinking water, why lead exposure is a health concern and how to filter water.


Where can you purchase your filters?

For great tasting pure drinking water at home shop the plumbing store’s pure water systems. Including the above sink filter system, caravan filter system, reverse osmosis, under sink water filter, and whole house filter system. You can also purchase spare parts, water treatments and filtered faucets in-store or online. 

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For any general inquiries please get in touch with the plumbing store team here.

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