How Long Do Water Filters Last? A Guide To Replacing Yours

How long have you been using your water filter for? Have you ever replaced your water filter cartridge? Water filters in Australia are a household item that people tend to set and forget.

However, you should absolutely be replacing your water filter cartridge. Your water filter cartridge only has a limited shelf life, and if you let it expire it will effectively be useless. It is a similar concept to changing the oil filter in your car when it is serviced, when it has been used for a while, it will be useless and has to be changed. An expired water filter cartridge will not only not filter your water, but the water will be of less quality than if it was coming straight from the tap.

So, we’ve established that you need to change your water filter cartridge. But you may still be thinking, how do I change a water cartridge? Or, how often should you change a water filter cartridge? Don’t worry! In this article we will guide you through the process of how to replace a water filter cartridge and anything you need to know.


Why Do You Need To Replace A Water Filter Cartridge?

In this blog we will specifically be talking about replacing water filter cartridges and mediums. If you want to know more about under sink water filter installation, or water filter tap replacement, you can read more here.

Water filters typically have a filtration medium within them that is responsible for removing bacteria and impurities in the water. It is when this medium breaks or becomes functionally useless that you need to replace your filter cartridge.

For example, a carbon water filter has a piece of treated carbon within it. This filters water by absorbing the bacteria and chemicals. Once this piece of carbon has absorbed all it can, it will no longer work, and the filter will need to be replaced.


How Often Do You Need To Replace Your Water Filter?

If you want the specific answer, the documentation you got with your filter when you bought it should tell you to replace it.

The long answer to how often should you change your water filter cartridge depends on a few factors:

  • What sort of filter do you use?
  • What are you trying to filter?
  • How hard is your water?
  • How often do you use your water filter?

However, as a rough estimation and a general rule of thumb, it is recommended that you change your water filter every 6-12 months. If you use your filter often and have harsh water, you would change the cartridge after 6 months. If you have relatively fine water and don’t use the filter that much, replacing it after 12 months will be fine.


What Are The Warning Signs You Need To Change Your Water Filter?

After people ask us; “how do you replace sediment filter cartridges?” We often get people asking us “what are the signs I need to replace my cartridge?” Outside of the rule of thumb mentioned above, or the suggestions from your product documentation, there are some ways to tell.

The more your water filter is used, the more useless it will become. It doesn’t just go from good to broken overnight, the process is gradual. You should inspect your filter water and water filter system as it’s approaching 6 months old. Try and notice any discolouration in the water, odd smells, or bad tastes.

If you’re having any suspicions about the quality of your water, it’s a good idea to just replace it. Don’t be concerned by questions like; “how much does it cost to change a water filter cartridge?” It isn’t expensive!


What Do You Need To Replace Your Water Filter Cartridge

When doing anything from home DIY, the key to success is being prepared. The things that you will need to have and get ready for your water filter replacement are:

  • A towel
  • The new water filter


The 3 Easy Steps To Replacing Your Water Filter Cartridge

Granted you have got all the things you will need to replace a water filter listed above, it is time to do the changes. This is our 3 step easy process.

Step 1: Place The Towel Under The Water Filter

You want to try and keep the mess you make to a minimum at all times. It is a good practice to use towels and buckets under any of your plumbing work to keep leaks to a minimum.

Step 2: Remove The Old Cartridge

The next step is to remove the old, expired cartridge. Turn off the water supply then let the water filter tap run. This will relieve pressure on the cartridge. Then twist the cartridge to the left and pull it out of its slot. A little bit of water will come out so this is where it’s good to have a towel.

Step 3: Insert The New Water Filter

Now that the old cartridge is removed and you have the new cartridge ready, line up the head into the cartridge slot. Once it is in flush, twist the cartridge into place and double check that it is locked in.

Just like that, your new water filter cartridge will be installed and you are back to having perfectly fresh, crisp drinking water. Well done!

Still Not Sure What To Do?

If you’re still not sure what to do and have more water filter questions, like is a whole house water filter necessary? Or, how do you change a filter cartridge without losing bacteria? Do not hesitate to see a professional. Reverse osmosis water filters and water filter systems for home use are more complicated than normal above or below counter water filters. If you are unsure, see a professional.

Where To Get Your Water Filter

When it comes to water filters, or anything plumbing related, The Plumbing Store offers very competitive prices on a very easy-to-use platform. Water filter cartridges, water filter housing and accessories are in abundance on our website. Our customer service team is completely local, so whatever your needs are, contact us today so we can work out a solution with you.

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