How To Identify Which Water Filter You Need: The Pros and Cons

No water filter will be perfect for every situation. The purpose of a water filter should be catered to what you need it for. Water filters come in a range of different sizes and dispense water in a range of different ways. Different additives even have different recommended water filter methods. 

What do you need a water filter for? Is your water unsafe to drink or does it just smell funny? Where are you going to install the filter? All of these questions will influence which one is best for you. To help you decide, you should be aware of the benefits of water filters, and their disadvantages. 

Do You Need A Water Filter in Australia?

Luckily in Australia, you typically don’t need a water filter and they are somewhat of a luxury item. The tap water in most places isn’t just safe to drink, it’s actually rather pleasant. The government, through companies like Water Corp, is responsible for purifying the water in our taps, and they actually add things like fluoride to help with our dental health.

However, the quality of water can vary from city, to suburb, to street, to house, depending on the quality of pipes it travels through. The plumbing in your house could simply be a bit older, which doesn’t make it unsafe to drink, but does make it taste off. This is typically the reason why people in Australia need a water filter, so if this sounds like you, keep reading below to find out which water filter type and water filter brand you should get.

Water Filter Jugs 

Water filter jugs, as you would imagine, are jugs that have an inbuilt water filter. You run tap water through the top of the jug and let it sift through the aparatas. The jug can then be stored in the fridge so you have readily available cold drinking water.


  • Has a large capacity to hold water
  • Is easy-to-use 
  • A cheaper method 


  • Doesn’t fit in all fridges
  • Holds less than a regular jug
  • Can sometimes forget to refill the jug
  • Can be heavy for elderly and children 

Under-Sink Water Filter Systems 

This method of water filtration has a system under your sink that extensively filters your water. They have a separate tap dedicated for drinking water. Unlike the water filter jug, the under-sink system is out of sight, out of mind, passively filtering your water so you don’t have to worry about it. Under-sink options can be filtered with reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light, or twin systems.


  • Highly-filtered water
  • Always ready-to-use
  • Easy-to-use dedicated water filter tap


  • On the expensive side
  • Regular filter cartridge replacing can get annoying and expensive

On-Tap Water Filters 

The on-tap water filter is similar to the under-sink method, but is less extensive. It is similar in the fact that you will have instant filtered water every time from the tap. The on-tap filter is connected to the tap and can be switched between filtered and unfiltered water. 


  • Easy-to-install and can be done yourself 
  • Can have filtered and unfiltered water
  • Affordable 


  • Can be unsightly 
  • May get in your way and take up room around the sink

Benchtop Water Filters 

The benchtop water filter is a hybrid between the on-tap and under-sink method. It will give you a separate water filter tap for ready drinking water but it will not be as extensive as the under-sink method. The water is filtered through replaceable cartridges. Benchtop water filters are usually the most popular water filter because they meet a middle line between convenience and affordability.


  • Are easy-to-install 
  • Easy-to-use 
  • Convenient 


  • Cartridges can be expensive and annoying to regularly replace 
  • Not the cheapest option 
  • Can be unsightly 

Fridge Water Filters 

Since the fridge is already cold, it makes sense to have a water filter in it for fresh, cold drinking water. The fridge filter is just like the benchtop water filter in that it is a replaceable cartridge, but instead of being on the benchtop and coming out of a tap, the water comes out of the fridge. 


  • Already installed in the fridge  
  • Easy-to-use 


  • Have to own a fridge with the attachment 
  • Cartridges can be expensive and annoying to replace 

Water Bottle Filter 

The water bottle filter is simply a water bottle with a filter in it. It is a smaller, bottle sized version of the water jug filter.


  • Portable water filter for when you’re not home
  • Easy-to-use


  • Noticeably more expensive than a regular water bottle 

4 Things to Consider When Buying A Water Filter 

The pros and cons of each water filter can only be assessed when held against your needs. The pro or con of a water filter might be insignificant because of what you need it for. Before you buy, you should ask yourself the following questions

What is Your Budget? 

The first thing you should ask yourself is what is your budget? How much does a water filter cost? You might like the idea of a reverse osmosis under-sink system with its own water filter tap, but you have to be prepared to pay hundreds of dollars. If you want a budget option, a water filter jug or water bottle filter might be better options. 

How Many People Will Be Using It?

If you have a household with lots of people in it, you will need to replace your water filter more often and it will be more likely that things like water filter jugs do not get refilled. As such, it would be a better option to get a water filter that has a lot of output and the filter cartridges can be replaced easily, such as an under-sink, on-tap or benchtop water filter. 

What Are You Trying to Filter?

Different filters are used to filter different things. On-tap water filters sift out bad tastes and odors, while something like a reverse osmosis system can take it to the next level and purify your water. 

Do You Have Any Installation Requirements? 

Do you have room under your sink for an under-sink water filter? Are you wondering how to install a water filter? You might have installation requirements. If you don’t have room for an under-sink water filter, or think something like a benchtop water filter is too unsightly, and you are getting a new fridge, a fridge water filter will almost definitely be your best option.

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