How to Choose New Tapware For Your Bathroom Renovation

When selecting tapware for your upcoming bathroom renovation, there are three things you must consider; the design, the style and the material of the tapware. 

If you closely consider and understand these three things, you will be able to easily curb your bathroom aesthetic to your vision. Here are some of our recommendations when it comes to selecting tapware for your renovation.

How to Select a Design of Tapware

Different bathroom tapware designs have their own features, benefits and weaknesses. When selecting new tapware for your bathroom renovation, you should think of which feature is going to best suit you. The different designs include:

        1. Single-lever bathroom mixer tap  

The single-lever mixer tap is a single spout tap usually controlled with a single lever on top of it. Sometimes this lever can also be mounted to the wall behind the basin, shower wall, or bathtub wall. The water pressure increases the more you raise the lever, colder the further right it goes, and hotter the further left.

Benefits of single-lever mixer taps

Single-lever bathroom tap mixers can save water because it is easy to manoeuvre, so desired temperatures and pressures are reached faster. This means that they are excellent for children and the elderly, who might find it difficult to operate other bathroom taps. 

This design of tap is also very sleek and simple which makes it perfect for contemporary bathrooms. Caroma mixer taps in Chrome are perfect examples of taps suitable for a contemporary style bathroom renovation.

Disadvantages of single-lever mixer taps 

Single-lever mixer taps are fairly one dimensional in their design, so they are restricted to almost only contemporary styled bathrooms. However, form follows function, so if the benefits of usability from a single-lever mixer interest you, you should add this to your list of considerations.

        2. Three-piece basin tap sets

Three piece tap sets are traditional style taps with a single spout where flow of water and temperature is controlled by two handles. 

One handle on the right to control the cold, one handle on the left to control the hot. Monobloc mixer taps are just like three-hole mixer taps, however, the monobloc has the handles built into the spout, not the basin or wall.

Benefits of three-piece basin taps 

Three-piece taps are incredibly versatile and are suitable for almost any bathroom style including, traditional, rustic, retro, even contemporary bathrooms. 

An Enhance Basin Set in chrome compared to a Clark tap set shows just how versatile three hole mixers are

Disadvantages of three-piece basin taps

The nature of three-piece basin taps makes them more difficult to manoeuvre than their single-lever counterparts. This is because the controls are in two separate spots on the basin, and usually need a proper-firm grip to control. If the tapware is being used by the elderly or children, it might take them longer to find their desired temperature, which will waste water.

        3. Bathroom pillar taps

Bathroom pillar taps are the oldest and most traditional of taps. They come in pairs and have one spout for hot water, and another for cold water.

Benefits of bathroom pillar taps 

Bathroom pillar taps will unmistakably set the aesthetic for your bathroom. If you are trying to go for a traditional, or Victorian style bathroom, pillar taps are a sensational option. Additionally, if you have water pressure issues, pillar taps can be a solution.

Disadvantages of bathroom pillar taps.

Bathroom pillar taps are by far the most difficult to manoeuvre of all tap sets. You cannot have warm water, it is either cold, or hot, nothing in between. However, what they lack in usability, they make up for in style choice.

Other Designs 

Other designs like sensor taps and auto-stop taps are typically used in public areas like hospitality venues. These taps are great for saving water, but somewhat uncommon in home bathrooms. 

How to Select a Style of Bathroom Tapware 

With so many styles and materials to choose from, you’d think bathroom tapware was made in a vacuum of randomness! Let’s take a closer look at each style to help you find an aesthetic that will suit your bathroom renovation. 


Traditional tapware usually uses curves and soft edges in their style, such as the Harmony basin set and other Harmony taps. Traditional taps are typically smaller in size. If you want to renovate a traditional style bathroom, look for smooth tap sets!


Rustic taps and tapware usually have long round pipes with flat ends. Think if someone made a tap with their bare hands, flat rolled pins and bars would probably be used. These taps are also usually larger (thin and long).


Contemporary taps are usually medium to small sized and are smooth and have long flat edges. The Phoenix tap set in Radii is a great example of a tap in a contemporary style.

Different types of tapware finishes


Chrome is the most popular, versatile and timeless of tapware materials at the moment. It is best suited to contemporary, single-lever mixer taps.

Matte black 

The matte black bathroom tap is the most sleek material on the market. Suited for contemporary and some retro bathrooms, matte black is also quite versatile. 


Bronze is a great material choice for rustic and quirkier styled bathrooms. Monobloc mixers, three-hole mixers, or in some cases, single-lever mixers, are excellent choices for bronze tapware. 


Traditional, almost Victorian style bathrooms look great with gold. Small bathroom pillar taps in gold in a small bathroom nook are a great look!


Porcelain taps are excellent for traditional or retro bathrooms. Best suited for three-hole mixer taps, porcelain conveys a strong aesthetic message!

Get creative!

There are lots of materials out there, almost all of which you will be able to make work! Experiment with it! If you think a certain material will suit a style you’re going for, go for it! Who is anyone else to say otherwise?

How to Get the Tapware for Your Renovation!

So, we’ve figured out how to choose the tapware for your upcoming renovation, now it’s time to decide where to get it from! You should have a browse of The Plumbing Stores selection

The Plumbing Store maintains stock in the best brands like; Caroma, Clark, Harmony, Phoenix and Methven, to make sure you can start your bathroom makeover now. We also stock a range of designs to suit whichever bathroom style you choose!

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