How to Select Premium Mixer Taps: What Are They?

My, oh my! Look at all those taps! Which one are you going to choose for your upcoming bathroom renovation? Golly, it sure is a hard process trying to decide!The key to deciding is not just looking at what is available, but understanding what is available. Understanding the range of different bathroom taps and bathroom tapware will best prepare you for selecting the perfect tap for your bathroom renovation.To help, we explore the different types of mix taps available and how to choose the best design and material suited to your bathroom.

What is a Bathroom Mixer Tap?

Mixer taps are taps that combine both hot and cold water into a single spout.  They are usually controlled with a single lever, known as single-lever mixer taps, however can also be controlled with more traditional methods, such as three-hole mixer taps that have separate taps handles with a single spout, and monobloc mixer taps that have everything on a single tap body.Mixer taps have become the most popular tap style because they are without a doubt easier to use than other tap sets. Allowing the water to come out of a single spout allows for greater control, and you don’t have to settle for absolute cold or absolute hot, like with pillar taps.Mixer tap sets can also have water saving features and are more versatile to what aesthetic and function you want your bathroom to be.

Types of Mixer Taps 

There isn’t just one mixer tap. There are many different breeds and subspecies of mixer taps. Here are some of the main ones, along with their strengths and weaknesses:

     1. Single-Lever Mixer Tap

The single-lever mixer tap is a tap where, as the name suggests, is controlled by a single lever. Such as this Caroma mixer tap. It is usually fixed to the tap but can also be on the wall behind the basin or bathtub, such as this Harmony bath set.

Single-Lever Mixer Tap Pros

Single lever taps are designed for convenience and are excellent as basin taps, shower taps or bath taps.  Because they can be manoeuvred easily with one hand, they are perfect for children and the elderly who might have difficulty adjusting water pressure and temperatures.

Single-Lever Mixer Tap Cons 

However, single lever tap sets are fairly one dimensional in design.  Single lever taps are elegant and simple, as such, are not as suitable for rustic or retro bathrooms.  Because of their contemporary look, chrome, stainless steel or matte black are the most appropriate for their use, such as a Clark mixer tap.  The other materials would look out of place and questionably distasteful.

     2. Monobloc Mixer Taps

Monobloc mixer taps are like three-hole mixer taps in the sense that they have two separate handles for controls. However, instead of being on the basin, they are fixed to the spout in a single system.

Pros of Monobloc Mixer Taps

Monobloc mixer taps are another mixer tap alternative and can offer an excellent rustic look in the bathroom if finished in brass.

Cons of Monobloc Mixer Taps

Again, like the three-hole mixer tap, monobloc mixers are more difficult to manoeuvre which can make saving water a problem.



Chrome is the most popular, versatile and timeless of tapware materials at the moment. It is best suited to contemporary, single-lever mixer taps.

Matte black 

The matte black bathroom tap is the most sleek material on the market. Suited for contemporary and some retro bathrooms, matte black is also quite versatile.


Bronze is a great material choice for rustic and quirkier styled bathrooms. Monobloc mixers, three-hole mixers, or in some cases, single-lever mixers, are excellent choices for bronze tapware.


Traditional, almost Victorian style bathrooms look great with gold. Small bathroom pillar taps in gold in a small bathroom nook are a great look!


Porcelain taps are excellent for traditional or retro bathrooms. Best suited for three-hole mixer taps, porcelain conveys a strong aesthetic message!

How to Select a Style of Bathroom Tapware 

Each style of tapware is made for a reason, they aren’t made in a vacuum of randomness. Each style suits an aesthetic that will help with your renovation!


Traditional tapware usually uses curves and soft edges in their style, such as the Harmony basin set and other Harmony taps. Traditional taps are typically smaller in size. If you want to renovate a traditional style bathroom, look for smooth tap sets!


Rustic taps and tapware usually have long round pipes with flat ends. Think if someone made a tap with their bare hands, flat rolled pins and bars would probably be used. These taps are also usually larger (thin and long).


Contemporary taps are usually medium to small sized and are smooth and have long flat edges. The Phoenix tap set in Radii is a great example of a tap in a contemporary style.

Where to Get your Mixer Tap!

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