Kitchen Mixer Taps Versus Standard Kitchen Tapware: The Pros and Cons

While we often overlook it, it’s a cold, hard fact that kitchen tapware plays a crucial part in determining a kitchen’s style. Luckily there are many different kinds of taps from which to choose when renovating or designing your dream kitchen! 

So, if you find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place, or should we say a standard kitchen tap and mixer tap, there’s no need to panic! We have all the inside information on kitchen tapware, so do yourself a favour and read on!


Kitchen Mixers Versus Kitchen Taps: What’s the Difference?  

What is mixer tapware? What is standard tapware? Is there a difference? Are all kitchen mixer taps the same? Tapware might sound confusing, but it’s actually relatively straightforward if you’re armed with the right information.

In a nutshell, mixer taps are the most common type of tapware in Australian kitchens. These taps have one handle controlling hot and cold water, which comes from a single spout. The hot and cold water is mixed at the touch of a lever, hence the term “mixer tap”. These taps may have a single or a double lever. 

Standard taps either have two separate spouts for cold and hot water (pillar taps) or a single spout with two handles to separate hot water from freezing. 


Types of Taps 

As we’ve mentioned, there are many different types of taps to choose from when designing or renovating a kitchen.  

Tapware can be divided into two main categories, namely standard taps and mixer taps. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of specialised taps to consider for your kitchen. 


Standard Taps  

Spray Taps 

Spray taps, or pull-out taps, as the name suggests, can be pulled out. A flexible hose allows you to steer the water spray to best suit your needs. This is especially useful when washing pots and pans. Specific models come with a button that changes the water flow—creating a spray effect similar to a showerhead. This feature rinses stubborn food residues off your plates. 

These taps may have the standard hot and cold water handles or the popular mixer-lever.

Mixer Taps  

Mixer taps allow users the freedom to determine their desired water temperature quickly and easily. There are many different kinds of mixer taps from which to choose. 

Water Filter Taps  

Water filter taps provide purified water on demand. The filtering system is fitted beneath your kitchen bench and can be attached to your kitchen tap. Once installed, you can enjoy filtered water whenever you need it! Every six months, the quick and easy to change filters need to be replaced to ensure a clean water supply all year round.  

Lever Taps 

The lever or handle on a tap balances the flow and temperature of the water. 

In a double lever, the cold water inlet goes to the cold handle, and the hot water inlet goes to the hot water handle. 

In a single lever mixer tap, both the hot water and cold water inlets go to the same place. The mixer inside the tap allows you to control the temperature and pressure out of the same fixture. 

Gooseneck Taps 

What’s a gooseneck sink mixer or square spout mixer? Gooseneck sink mixers are kitchen sink taps that have a high curved spout. 

A square shape or U shape mixer is similar to the gooseneck in this regard, except that the form of the spout’s neck differs. The added height makes it much easier to clean more oversized items, which is why these taps are so popular.  


Are Mixer Taps Better Than Single Taps? 

So, what is the best type of kitchen tap?   


Kitchen Mixer Versus Kitchen Tap  

Both kitchen mixers and standard kitchen taps have advantages. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.


Kitchen Mixer Pros  


Since mixer taps are equipped with valve-shaped disks or balls, they open and close depending on your chosen setting. Mixer taps make finding the perfect water temperature safer, quicker, and more accessible. Say goodbye to scalding your fingertips and waiting for the temperature to even out! 

Economic Advantage 

Because you won’t be using as much hot water as a standard kitchen tap, you’ll save a bit of money every month with a mixer.  


Mixer taps are sleeker and slimmer than most standard taps. A high-rise mixer tap is probably the most stylish tap on the market.  


Mixer taps aren’t only perfect for the kitchen and the bathroom and laundry room.  


Mixer taps are generally fitted with a lever that you can push up, down, left or right, making it much easier for both children, the elderly, disabled or injured, to open and close.


Kitchen Mixer Cons 

The Possibility of a Delayed Flow of Water

Sometimes, you’ll have to wait a couple of minutes before the water comes out of the tap. The delay can be annoying, especially if you’re in a rush. 

Requires Some Maintenance

You will occasionally have to replace the mixer tap cartridges if they become worn.  


Kitchen Tapware Pros 


Standard taps offer a popular classic and more traditional look than mixer taps. 


Standard taps are generally easier to install than mixer taps, saving you time and effort. 


Kitchen Tapware Cons 


Standard taps require more space as you need two separate fixtures for the hot and cold.


A turn tap can be challenging to manoeuvre, especially for children, the elderly, the disabled or the injured. 

Danger of Burning

If you open the wrong tap, scalding water can boil you since the temperature is not as regulated as with a mixer tap. 


The Best Tap and Sink Combo for You 

Whether you want the best kitchen taps or the best kitchen mixer taps, the choice is up to you! Read more here if you’re wondering how to match your kitchen tapware to your style. Whether you opt for ceramic taps, a basin tap mixer, black sink tap, or anything that spouts water really, always ensure that you have the right information so that you can manage your expectations regarding maintenance, durability, and the general experience. 


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