21 Inspiring Laundry Ideas To Transform Your Space

It can be easy to forget your laundry when thinking of upgrading your home, but that doesn’t mean it deserves any less attention. After all, your laundry is the most necessary utility room in your home.

By implementing these simple laundry room design ideas and with a few small touches, you can transform your laundry room from the most dull room in the house into a space that you can be proud of.

Regardless of whether you have a large room, a small laundry room, or even just a laundry nook tucked elsewhere in your home, these inspiring laundry room ideas will have your laundry looking its best.

What To Consider Before Upgrading Your Laundry

There are three main things to think about before you begin to consider any of these design ideas. They are:

  • Space – How big is your laundry room? If you have a small laundry room or a laundry nook tucked into another room in the house you’ll need to be very conscious of using your available space wisely.
  • Time – Ask yourself how long you have to implement any changes? Some design ideas might require minor renovations or construction.
  • Budget – It’s important to have a firm idea in mind of how much money you are willing to spend to transform your laundry room. Pre-planning what you need and getting quotes when necessary will help keep you within your budget.


21 Inspiring Ideas

1. Water Efficient Laundry Taps

If you have old laundry taps, consider updating them. Water-efficient laundry taps will help save you both time and money. Chrome laundry taps are a fantastic choice that will suit any laundry room.

2. Add a Laundry Sink Cover

If you want more bench space to stack and fold your clothes, or just want to keep the room neat and tidy, adding a laundry sink cover is a great solution. 

3. Let There Be Light

Don’t let your laundry room get gloomy. Consider adding windows to let in more natural sunlight. Perfect for brightening up your laundry and helping clothes dry. Modern laundry interior design options include round windows or window slats to help with ventilation.

4. Hide Your Machines

Washing machines and dryers can be unsightly, especially if you have a laundry nook elsewhere in the house. Hiding your washing machines – and dirty clothes – can be as easy as installing sliding barn doors. Curtains are another option that can be much more affordable.

5. Add An Artistic Flair

Add a touch of character to your laundry room and paint colours, install wallpaper, or hanging artwork in your laundry room. Why stop there? Paint colours on your laundry cupboard and laundry cabinets too. Just because your laundry is a utility room doesn’t mean it can’t have the flair of proper interior design.

6. A Home For Your Furry Friend

If you have a pet, it can be hard to find a place to keep their food, toys, bed, and everything else that comes with having a furry friend. Installing built-in feeding bowls that can be tucked away after use, transforming your laundry cupboards into a doghouse, or even installing a dog bath are all different laundry room ideas.

7. Install a Discreet Ironing Board 

An ironing board can often take up more space than you’d think, and storing them can often be difficult or near impossible. Instead, install a discreet ironing board that can fold up against the wall or be tucked into a cabinet. It can be hard enough to get through the chore of cleaning your dirty clothes without trying to move around an ironing board in a small laundry room. 

8. Add Shelves

Installing open shelves is one of the simplest storage solutions available. You can store anything on them, from your laundry baskets and laundry bags to detergent and steam irons. For simple laundry storage, just add shelves.

9. Get Stacking

Sometimes, the best laundry designs are just smart ideas. Make sure your storage solutions, whether they’re laundry tubs or boxes can easily stack atop one another. Keep your cleaning supplies organised in boxes and stack them. Simple, easy, and incredibly cheap. 

10. Use Hooks

Hooks can be a great way of using all the space available to you in your laundry room. Hang your laundry bag or clothes that need to be sent to the try cleaner. 

11. Designated Drying Areas

Installing a drying rack in your laundry is a great alternative to using your dryer to dry your clothes, especially during winter when rain and storms make using an outside clothesline or drying rack impractical.

12. Urban Flooring

One of the ever-popular design ideas is using urban interior design styles. Consider installing classic brick flooring for a modern laundry style. The contrast between warm brick and white laundry always looks fantastic.

13. Move Your Laundry Machines

One of the oldest laundry room ideas is also the simplest. Stack your washing and drying machines on top of one another to give yourself more space. 

14. Hide Your Baskets

Your laundry baskets filled with dirty clothes can leave your laundry looking messy. Keep your dirty clothes out of the way with rocking drawers that let you easily access your laundry basket while keeping them hidden away.

15. Add Some Entertainment

It’s no secret that laundry days can be boring. Making cleaning your dirty clothes a bit less dull by installing speakers or mounting a tablet. Watch your favourite shows or listen to that podcast you love while you clean laundry, and make your laundry days a little more entertaining.

16. Mirrored Cabinets

Mirrored laundry cabinets are a great way to not only make a small laundry room feel bigger but add a touch of modern interior design to the room too.

17. Go For A Rustic Touch

Sealed hardwood, which is also a great waterproof flooring option, is a great way to bring warmth to any space and can imbue your laundry room with rustic charm.

18. Make It Modern

Elegant and modern laundry designs are not hard to achieve. One easy way is to add dark-toned matte-finished laundry cupboards and laundry cabinets. Laundry storage never looked so good.

19. Choose Modern Tapware

A great way to improve the look of your laundry sinks is to not only update the sink basin but the tapware itself. Laundry taps come in a range of styles and are a small touch that can make a big statement.

20. Add a Classic Ceramic Basin

Adding a laundry trough made from classic ceramic is a great way to compliment other laundry room design choices that you’ve made. It is a great compliment to almost any paint colours you might have used and ceramic laundry sinks are very easy to clean. 

21. Standalone Sink

Laundry sinks are an essential part of laundry room design. Inset laundry sinks are very common, but you can also get a standing laundry trough if inset laundry sinks are not an option. A standing laundry trough often comes with a laundry cabinet below the sink, which will provide another storage solution.

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