Modern Bathroom Tapware Versus Vintage Bathroom Taps

In 2022, the list of trending bathroom designs, styles and looks is endless! It can all seem a tad overwhelming, from farm-style bathrooms with more rustic features to classic spaces oozing high-end luxury. So, how do you choose the right tapware, especially since you’re drowning in options? 

Questions you may be asking include:

  • Which type of tap is best for the bathroom? 
  • Is black tapware still on trend? 
  • Which tap is best for the wash basin?

This guide will showcase two main bathroom trends to help you decide which is best for your bathroom. But first, let’s recap the different types of taps.


Types of Taps

There are two main tap types from which to choose:

  1. Pillar taps are mounted on the basin with separate hot and cold water spouts. 
  2. Mixer taps comprise two joined pillar taps, sharing one spout for the hot and cold water.

Scroll through your Pinterest boards, open up your journals and gather all your bathroom inspo because it’s time to delve into the world of tapware styles!


Different Styles of Tapware

Since taps are made of a wide range of materials, from stainless steel and chrome to brass, nickel and gold, the options are endless, and your decision will depend on the aesthetic you want to achieve. 


1. Vintage Tapware

‘Vintage’ is a term referring to something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the absolute best of its kind. Have you ever heard your grandma talk about the good ol’ days? Some people are still stuck in the mindset that older means better, but that’s not necessarily the case!

Vintage tapware can refer to a specific style rather than the age of the taps. So, a vintage look can include the Victorian style in tapware terms. Victorian interiors tell of timeless elegance, and homes from this period celebrate over-the-top detailing like clawfoot baths, marble mosaic tiles, and decorative tapware. It’s also common for Victorian spaces to have separate hot and cold taps rather than a single mixer. 


Pros and Cons

Tapware with a more vintage feel, like taps made of brass and copper, are statement pieces in any bathroom, especially those opting for an old-timey look. However, these metal finishes can be costly and also lose their lustre over the years.


2. Modern Tapware

The modern interior design style typically refers to clean, crisp lines, simple colour palettes and hard materials such as glass and metal. Modern bathrooms feature many reflective materials such as gloss cabinetry, dark granite benchtops, modern bathroom tiles, glass tile splashbacks with polished chrome and often wall-mounted tapware Modern bathroom design and tapware are also generally sleeker and less detailed than their vintage counterparts.


Pros and Cons

Modern tapware, like sleek, chrome wall-mounted tapware, has an effortless appearance and is easily accessible due to its popularity. The only downside is the lack of unique flair, as most Australians opt for modern-looking taps instead of vintage-looking tapware.


3. Modern Vintage Tapware

Are you torn between the modern and vintage looks? Why not decide on the best of both worlds. In other words, modern vintage tapware, like brushed nickel tapware and brushed copper tapware. These options combine the sleek elegance of modern tapware with the warmth of more vintage styles. 


How Do You Choose the Right Taps for Your Bathroom?

How do I choose bathroom tapware? Here’s our mini-guide to selecting the suitable taps for your bathroom.


1. Make Up Your Mind

The first step in choosing tapware is to consider the design of your bathroom. Is it vintage or modern? Classic or quirky? Make sure your tap of choice fits seamlessly with the rest of the room to avoid an awkward-looking space. For example, if you already have modern tiles and other finishes, you should probably stick with a similar style. 

If you have a more traditional style bathroom, rounded tapware works well with its softer, more feminine edges. Modern bathrooms can carry bolder fixtures and fittings like square shapes or more architecturally designed taps.

Decide which style of tapware you’ll be opting for before going shopping. This will narrow down your options, making it easier to find the taps of your dreams. So, will you choose modern, vintage or modern vintage tapware?


2. Consider Your Colour Palette

It’s crucial to consider your bathroom’s overall colour palette before choosing your tapware. Vintage tapware goes well with faded, muted tones to create a space from another era. For bolder, cleaner colours, modern tapware will do the trick. Pair your modern vintage tapware with neutral colours for an in-between look.


3. Consider Your Needs

If you’re looking for tapware for a small guest powder room, vintage tapware may seem like the obvious choice. You can choose the most elaborate designs to make the room impressive. However, if you’re choosing tapware for a family bathroom, you might want to opt for more modern tapware to keep things simple.


4. Spout Shape and Size

While the style and finish of your kitchen tap are essential, you mustn’t forget the shape and size of the spout. For example, L-shaped fixtures are more subtle in style than oversized C- or U-shaped spouts that tower over your sink and instantly attract the eye.


5. Look at Your Budget

Ultimately, your budget will determine your choice of tapware. Always go for what you can comfortably afford.


6. Ergonomics is Key

Children, elderly family members and people with hand mobility issues may find using taps with elaborate handles challenging. Consider who’ll be using your bathroom taps before installing them.


7. Water Quality and Water Pressure

Remember that the primary purpose of tapware is to provide you with clean, potable water for use in the home. So, regardless of the style of taps you choose, make sure you choose high-quality, functioning filter taps to ensure the safety of your family and guests regarding water consumption. Similarly, if you have low water pressure, choose taps explicitly designed for that.


Who Can Help with All Your Tapware Needs? 

Who can assist you with all your tapware-related questions? Perhaps you’re looking for vintage tapware for a vintage bathroom or modern tapware for a sleek finish. No matter the style, we have it all! Please browse our online store or contact The Plumbing Store today for all your tapware needs.

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