A Glossary To The Plumbing Store Range Of Products

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, or laundry, you will want to know the best range of bathroom accessories, bathroom products, and kitchen and laundry items. Here is The Plumbing Store’s glossary of products:



Single-Lever Mixer Taps: A single-lever mixer tap is a tap that combines both hot and cold water out of the same spout. The tap control, as the name suggests, is controlled with a single lever, which makes it easy-to-use and perfect for elderly and children.

Three-Piece Basin Tap Set: This is your traditional style of tap in Australia. It has both hot and cold water coming out of the same spout and is controlled with two separate dials.

Pillar Taps: Pillar taps are the oldest style of tap. The hot and the cold water comes out of separate spouts. You would usually find this style of tap set in an old British townhouse.

Monobloc Mixer Taps: Monobloc mixer taps are a hybrid of single-lever mixer taps and three-piece basin tap sets. The controls are on the spout itself but are operated by separate dials.

Sensor Taps: These taps are the ones you’ll see in airports and public areas. They turn on by sensing your hand under the spout.

Wall Tapware: Tap spouts and controls that come out of the wall.

Shower Heads: The spout from which the water for your shower comes out.

Outlets: Spouts for your bath or wall mounted basin.



Shower Heads: The spout from which the water for your shower comes out.

Shower Arms: The pipe that connects the water supply to your shower head in the shower.

Hand Shower: A portable shower head on a hose used for closer washing and mounted on the wall in a fixed position.

Rail Shower: Just like the hand shower, this one is mounted on a rail that can move up and down and act as your shower head.

Twin Shower: A twin shower is a shower that has both a shower head and a hand shower in one.



Vessel/Above Counter Basin: This is a basin that sits on top of your bathroom vanity.

Inset Basin: These basins are dropped into the bench area and have a lip that partially sits on top of the vanity.

Under-Mount Basins: Under-mount basins are placed and fitted under the vanity benchtop.

Semi-Recessed Basins: Basins that are half recessed into the vanity and half protruding outwards.

Wall Basins: Wall basins are attached to the wall, and not placed on top of a vanity or bench.

Three-Hole Basins: Basins with three holes for your tapware.

Single-Hole Basins: basins with just one hole for your tapware.

Trough: The large sink/basin that is used in a laundry to clean clothes in.



Free-Standing Baths: The free-standing bath is a bath that does not touch a wall on any side.

Back-To-Wall Baths: A back-to-wall bath is a bath that, as the name suggests, has its back attached to the bathroom wall.

Built-In-Baths: These baths are built into your bathroom hob.



Connector: The physical toilet.

Wall Face Buttons: Buttons that are not atop the toilet and are instead on the bathroom wall.


Bathroom Accessories

Robe Hooks: Stylish hooks to put around your bathroom to place towels and robes on.

Shelves: Space you can place items on for storage.

Soap Holders: The dish you put in your shower that you can hold your soap bar on.

Toilet Roll Holders: The bar that you place your toilet roll on that allows it to be stored and rolled easily.

Towel Holders: The holders you put in your bathroom to store your hand towels and allow them to dry.

Towel Rails: The bars/rails you put in your bathroom to store your shower towels and allow them to dry.

Water Filters

Boiler Taps: Taps for boiling water.

Chiller Taps: Taps for chilled filtered water.

Above Sink Water Filter: A delicious water filter that sits above the kitchen sink and can be seen.

Under Sink Water Filter: A water filter that is under the sink and out of sight.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter: An extensive water filter/purifier that uses a science called reverse osmosis.

Whole House Water Filter: A whole house water filter is a water filter that makes sure every bit of water coming out of a tap in your house is filtered. Even the toilet so you can remove hard water that stains your bowls, and more.

Water Softener: A water filter that removes harshness out of your water, like calcium.

Water Filter Cartridge: Replace the filtration element that will wear out and needs to be removed.

Fridge Filter Cartridge: The replaceable water filter cartridge in your fridge that makes sure your water is nice and clean.

Water Filter Lamps: Lamps that give off ultraviolet light that kills harmful bacteria in your water with UV treatment.

Water Purification: Solutions you can add to rainwater to make sure it becomes safe for drinking and using.



Heater: An element that is used for warming an outdoor area.

Heating Deflector: Metal housing around a heater that is used to deflect and localise the effect of a heater.

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