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Every bathroom needs a basin, the good news is there is something out there for everyone. Browse our extensive range of modern and classic designs of high quality bathroom basins & tapware and bring your dream bathroom ideas to life.

How to choose your bathroom basin

Choosing the best basin set for your bathroom can be a difficult task, considering the range of choices available in Australia. This little guide will help you find the right bathroom basin for your home. The right bathroom sink for your home will largely depend on the size and layout of your bathroom. Here are some important factors to consider that will help you make a choice:

  • The size of your bathroom
  • Location of other fixtures
  • Where your existing basin plumbing is located
  • How you want your basin to look
  • Existing bathroom themes
  • Budget

What is the best material for a bathroom basin?

Ceramic basins

Ceramic is the most common material used for bathroom sinks. This also includes fireclay ceramics such as porcelain and vitreous china. Typically gloss white, ceramic basin bowls are popular because they are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and are super easy to keep clean. As one of the most popular c choices for Aussie homes, you can find stunning ceramic sinks at a large variety of price points to suit any budget.

Stone basins

Natural stone basins and solid surface basins provide a modern and minimalist look that are very easy to keep clean. They come in granite, marble, travertine, among others. Because stone basins are porous, they require careful maintenance and care to protect them from harmful substances. Refrain from using acidic household cleaners, harsh chemicals or abrasives.

Metal finishes

Stainless steel basins and aluminium provide striking finishes and create an industrial and modern look that really help your bathroom stand out from the crowd. Although stainless steel sinks are generally used in the kitchen, they are a great option for bathrooms for its durability and resistance to bacteria and germs.

What size bathroom sink do I need?

When it comes to size, there is no real standard or average size for a bathroom basin. The size you need will depend on bathroom space, if you have a vanity unit, and how you want your basin to look.

If you’re fitting a basin in a powder room, you’ll want something small and compact, such as a wall hung basin. If it’s a large family bathroom, there are plenty of basins perfect for wide open spaces, such as a countertop basin, making sure to pay attention to the size of your vanity unit.

Different types of bathroom basins

Undermount basins

Undermount basins are installed beneath your countertop, with the edge of the counter usually covering the rim of the sink’s body for a flush finish. This makes it very easy to clean counter surfaces, and provides a sleek overall look. With a slightly more complex installation process, undermount sinks are drilled up into the counter, so ensure there’s enough storage space.

Wall hung basins

Also known as wall mounted basins are a great space saving option when building or renovating your bathroom. Since they do not touch the floor, they create an illusion of more space, making it appear less cluttered and is an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms. Reece basins and Caroma basins create a stylish wall hung look and are popular choices in Aussie homes.

Drop-in basin

A drop-in basin or inset basin is designed for a bathroom vanity unit or counter top and is the more common bathroom basin choice. These basins are dropped into a hole cut into the top of the vanity with a ride rim that sits above the counter top, and are very easy to install.

Above counter basins

Also known as vessel basins or bowl sinks, countertop basins are often selected for contemporary or minimalistic bathroom designs. They usually sit on top of a countertop or shelf and are usually paired with tall bathroom basin taps or wall mounted tapware sets. You’ll find a wide range of stunning shapes, sizes, and finishes, including matte white and matte black.

Semi recessed basins

Semi-recessed basins are made to sit on ledges or countertops and are an ideal vanity basin. You’ll notice the front of the basin has a smooth and rounded edge with the reverse specifically cut to easily fit into countertops or where needed. The final result is that the basin becomes a seamless part of the furniture. These basins are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, including square and rectangular.

Pedestal basins

Also known as freestanding basins or floor mounted basins, are attached to a wall and floor to hide the plumbing. Similar to a wall mounted basin, they are great for saving space and are perfect for small bathrooms or a hand basin in a powder room.

Choosing the best bathroom basin for your home

When choosing your bathroom sink taps it’s important to keep in mind your budget and the style of your bathroom. You also need to keep in mind the size of your sink. You don’t want to buy a new basin tap set or basin mixer only for them to not properly fit.

If you’re renovating or building a new bathroom for your home, see Australia’s bathroom supplier, The Plumbing Store for a wide range of bathroom basins online. Or speak to a rep to get the best idea of what bathroom basin you want for your home.

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