Take control of your water temperature with a bathroom mixer

Stop playing with the tap handles in your sink or shower, and enjoy the ease of effectively controlling your water temperature with a bathroom mixer. Not only are they super useful, but they also give your bathroom a chic, modern look.

What’s a mixer and how does it work?

Bathroom mixer taps work similarly to regular taps and faucets, except a bathroom mixer tap draws from both hot and cold water supplies simultaneously and mixes them before the water comes out of the faucet or showerhead.

What types of bathroom mixers are there?

There is a great selection of different mixer taps available, meaning that you can find the perfect design to go with your basin or shower.

Bathroom basin mixer taps can be attached to the faucet or separate. A bathroom tap mixer can be installed to the basin or even be mounted against the bathroom wall. 

Why get one?

There are a number of benefits to consider when considering installing mixer tap bathroom options in your home.

They’re stylish

Streamlined and chic, installing bathroom sink mixer taps or shower mixer taps are a great way to bring a modern design sensibility to your home. 


Give yourself complete control over your water temperature and pressure all with a single tap. It can be difficult to find your desired water temperature when using the traditional two taps, and you won’t be able to control water pressure. 

With any of the mixer taps bathroom options available, you’ll be able to control your water like never before.

Better yet, you can leave your bathroom mixer taps set to the temperature you want and simply turn them on and off. 

What colours are available?

When it comes to available colours for bathroom mixer taps you’ll find you have two options: chrome and black. 

While chrome is the more popular choice as it suits almost every bathroom, the black mixer tap bathroom look is growing in popularity.

As such, you’ll find more and more bathroom mixers are available in black colour as well as the standard chrome. 

What options are there for sizes?

Due to the increasing popularity of bathroom mixer taps, you shouldn’t encounter any problems in finding the correct size bathroom sink mixer or bathroom shower mixer.

When choosing a bathroom sink mixer set that combines both faucet and mixer tap, it’s important to ensure that the faucet has enough reach so that the water won’t flow onto the edge of the basin or the basin mount.

Remember, you’ll need enough space to comfortably wash your hands in the basin. You don’t want to be having to press up against the walls of your sink to get water flowing onto your hands.

Showers will use a bathroom wall mixer that is separate from the showerhead, and so this will mean choosing the right size mixer is less complicated, just pick the tapware you like best.

How to choose the best mixer for you.

It’s important to choose a mixer that not only provides the best function, but also compliments your bathroom and existing tapware.

Your bathroom mixer taps, whether for your sink or shower, should add a nice modern touch. You don’t want them to look out of place or clash against the style of your bathroom.

Another important question to ask is do you want your mixer installed on the wall or on a benchtop?

Some tradies may say that benchtop taps are easier to fix, but the simple fact is that all tapware will need to get fixed or replaced eventually, with most Australian homes having their bathroom fixtures replaced every 10 to 15 years regardless of design.

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