Shower Heads & Arms

Shower accessories to create the ultimate bathroom space.

Showers are not just for cleaning. For many they are a time of relaxation and reflection. Enjoying your shower instead of seeing it as a chore is extremely important. Our selection of shower heads, shower outlets and shower rails in a wide range of brands from; Clark, Harmony and Phoenix, are sure to satisfy your needs.

Shower Accessories Are Essential for Your Bathroom Aesthetic

If you are going out of your way to stylise your bathroom, you should not overlook the importance of bathroom shower accessories. Big pieces in your bathroom will give you the vehicle of your style choice, but it is the accessories that will polish it.  The Plumbing Store has a range of accessories from; shower heads, wall showers, hand showers, overhead showers, rail showers, combination shower heads, shower arms, shower ceiling arms, and even bathroom taps. 


Bathroom Shower Accessory Materials


The most popular and perhaps the most timeless of all bathroom shower accessory materials is chrome. Chrome is simple and sleek.  Chrome is a suitable option for any contemporary home. If you are wanting a modern or contemporary styled home chrome is the best option for your bathroom shower accessory.


Matte Black:

Matte black is very sleek.  Matte black shower accessories tend to blend into their environment a touch more and are less of a focal point. As such, if you have a normal like white vanity or shower, matte black will look out of place. It will however look great when used with more natural materials like grey stone and browns.  Matte black also looks great in simple bathrooms, so if you are interested in matte black bathroom shower accessories, you should select a vanity that hides your bathroom products.


Choosing The Best Shower Accessory for Your Bathroom

How do you choose what the best accessory is for your bathroom?  Well, you must first understand what purpose you want to satisfy.  That will make selecting easier!


Hand Showers:

Hand showers are great if you want to give a close clean to your entire body. These kinds of showers can be especially ‘handy’ (pardon the pun) if you have children. Unfortunately, some people may find the external housing unsightly.  However, they do in fact come in many materials and styles so they can still look great!


Overhead Showers:

Overhead showers, more so than other showers, offer you a point of luxury.  These showers, as the name suggests, are placed overhead and make it feel like you are standing under a waterfall.  If you have a fairly basic, plastic shower, or a shower-bath combination, I would not recommend this accessory.  Additionally, you need to have enough room and containment around your shower because the water from this sort of showerhead has a lot of splashback.


Wall Showers:

Wall showers are the most common sort of shower head accessory in Perth.  These shower heads come directly out of your wall and can be attached with other accessories, such as a combination shower head which has different settings, like the jet and mist settings.


Where to Get Bathroom Accessories?

For all of your bathroom accessories and shower accessories Perth, The Plumbing Store has you covered, even when it comes to bathroom taps in Perth.  Our extensive range can ship to you immediately.  For any and all of your bathroom questions, our friendly staff at The Plumbing Store are ready and waiting for your contact.

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