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The best water filter systems for your drinking water.

Access to quality drinking water is extremely important. The best way to achieve that is to select the best water filter system for you. Our selection of drinking water systems and water filter kits from brands such as; Puretec, Aqua Pure, and Stiebel, will provide you the means to access quality drinking water.

Why get a water filter system?

Australians already have peace of mind in knowing that their drinking water is free of any harmful contaminants. However, that doesn’t mean our water tastes the very best it can.

In Perth, drinking water is treated with both chlorine and fluoride by the Water Corporation. Chlorine acts as a disinfectant to ensure your drinking water stays safe as it travels through the pipe ways to reach you. 

Fluoride is added to improve your dental health. While these chemicals are completely safe to drink, they do alter the taste and smell of your drinking water.

Thankfully, you can install water filters that remove fluoride and chlorine so that you can be drinking the best tasting water possible in your home.

How do water filters work?

Water filters work in one of two ways.

Physical water filters strain the water to remove larger impurities. 

Chemical water filters pass the water through an active material that removes impurities chemically as they pass through the filter.

What types of water filters are there?

Undersink water filter systems

One of the more popular water filters Australia has available is the undersink water filters. By installing an undersink water filter you can enjoy better tasting, odourless water straight from your faucet. 

This type of filter system is both easily replaceable and incredibly cost-effective. Undersink water filter benefits also include that they take up no additional space on your benchtop.

Be aware that this type of system only filters water at a single point, so if you want to use filtered water in your shower or washing machine you will need whole house water filters installed instead. 

Carbon water filter systems

By far the most popular water filters Australia has available and is a reasonably common feature in many modern Australian homes. 

There is a wide range of carbon filter cartridges available so that you can filter out exactly what you want. You can filter out unwanted chemicals, but keep essential minerals and be drinking water that is healthier than both standard tap and bottled water.

This filter system is incredibly effective at removing everything from sediment to fluoride, and everything in between. The filter cartridges are also easy and cost-effective to replace. This is really important as regular filter replacement is needed to ensure you’re getting the best water possible.

Reverse Osmosis water filtration

One of the best water filters available, but also the most expensive.

Reverse osmosis filtration systems filter water in 4 to 5 stages, through semipermeable membranes to provide the best quality water possible. Contaminants and other potentially harmful substances are all removed with ease.

The downside to this is that reverse osmosis water filters are expensive to install and keep running smoothly.

How to choose the best water filters for you

We recommend getting your water tested before you choose any filtration system. This way, you can know exactly what’s in your water and can choose a filter system that will best remove the substances that you want for your budget. 

Be aware that each system may not be available to use for whole house water filters, or some systems may be badly suited as benchtop water filters.

Finding the experts

It’s important to choose a supplier who is both respected and provides a high-quality product and service. There are many water filters Perth experts, and several high-quality Australian made products, such as PSI water filters. They provide everything from fluoride systems to benchtop water systems Australia wide. 

We recommend browsing through a diverse range of products and not just choosing whichever product first catches your attention.


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