Puretec Dual Purpose Carbon Cartridge 10 Micron 10″


Brand: Puretec
Product Code: DP10MP1
Micron Rating: 10UM


The Puretec Dual Purpose Cartridge is constructed from a carbon impregnated non-cellulose media to offer sediment filtration, taste, odour and chlorine reduction all in one cartridge. Suitable for non chlorine water applications due to the bacterial attack resistance making them ideal for rainwater tanks, bores, houses, polishing filters, drinking water and more. This cartridge also contains a combination of pleated polyester media and carbon filtration for an extended service life to ensure you have the best tasting water for a long time to come.


  • Provides sediment filtration and chlorine taste & odour reduction.
  • Non-cellulose media resists bacterial attack.
  • Pleated for maximum dirt-loading capacity.

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