Puretec SPARQ S4 | Sparkling | Chilled | Ambient|


Brand: Puretec
Product Code: SPARQ-S4
Colour: Chrome Plated


Bring luxury into the heart of your home or office with the Puretec SPARQ S4, delivering sparkling, chilled and ambient water with the touch of a button. A simple design featuring sleek and stylish lines and an elegant LED touch panel, it is the perfect finishing touch to any kitchen.


  • Compact under sink system.
  • Longer filter life, your filter will usually last between 6 to 12 months.
  • Filter cartridges are very easy to replace.
  • Using the latest carbon briquette technology, the multi-stage filtration system will purify the water in a multi-stage process.
  • The SPARQ S4 includes a built in cooling system that chills the water for a refreshingly cold drink.

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