Refreshing Bathroom Basin Designs That Will Update Your Space

Scrubba-dub-dub it’s time to update your tub! Or at least update that funny-looking smaller one that we call a bathroom sink. It’s a very exciting time to be a bathroom renovator because the contemporary bathroom and modern bathroom basin has been getting more and more creative and doubly as exciting!

These days we can stay away from all those boring, sterile, traditional colours and styles. Let’s get creative! If not for yourself, do it for your guests. Make your bathroom a point of celebration at next week’s book club. Let’s make Sharon and David jealous of your space, that’ll show ‘em! 

We do strongly encourage you to just have a browse of what’s out there and go gangbusters, but we encourage you to do it with at least a base level of understanding. So let’s start off with some modern bathroom sink ideas which you can use to refresh your space. For ideas on tapware and accessories, have a look at some of our other articles.


4 Different Styles of Contemporary Bathroom Sinks

Before we dive into the different ideas, shapes, sizes and materials bathroom basins come in, we have to cover the 4 basic designs of basins. These 4 designs are: 

  • Countertop Vanity Basins/Vessel Bathroom Basins 

A vessel or countertop basin is, as the name may suggest, a basin that sits on top of the vanity. 


These basins are great focal points for your bathroom and take up a lot of attention. They can make a real wow factor in your bathroom


Because they sit atop the benchtop, the cracks between the bench and the sink can make it difficult to clean. Also, since they are on top of the countertop, they elevate the height of your vanity. Be very careful measuring and planning your bathroom renovation when using vessel basins so that you don’t make them too high.

  • Inset Basins

Inset basins are probably the most popular basin design choice. They are dropped into the vanity and have a lip that sits on top of the bench. The lip helps with installation and makes sure water stays in the sink. 


Inset basins are easy-to-install, affordable, and look great. Since they are so commonly used, they come in a massive range of sizes and materials. The lip also makes them great for kids who might otherwise get water everywhere. 


Unfortunately, the lip keeps water in, but it also means you can’t sweep water back into the sink off the benchtop. Inset basins will also take up space in your vanity cabinets underneath your sink.

  • Under-Mount Basins 

Under-mount basins are like inset basins, but they don’t have the lip surrounding the basin. They are dropped into the vanity and the benchtop is fitted on top of them. Think of inset basins being built into the top of the vanity, and under-mount basins having the benchtop built on top of them. 


This creates a seamless look in the bathroom, as the basin appears to just be a hole in the benchtop. This sort of bathroom sink is easy to clean. The flat surface takes two seconds to wipe and water can easily be swept into the sink. 


This basin style limits what sort of vanity you can have. It will usually only work with a solid benchtop like stone, and isn’t suitable with things like laminate, or even wood. Also, these basins take up a lot of room in your vanity storage. Under-mounted basins are typically more expensive too. 

  • Wall Mount/Pedestal/Small Vanity Basins 

The last styles are simple. They are a sink, and nothing else. These can either be standing on a pedestal or coming out of the wall


They take up very little space and are very minimalistic. 


Since they are so small, they offer no benchtop space to put bathroom products.


Creative Things You Can Do With Your Modern Basin!

Alright, we’ve got a basic understanding of contemporary basin designs, let’s get more creative with it! What do the different designs look like and where do they get used? Let me tell you: 


Hard-Hitting Concrete Vessel Bowls 

Raw, earthy, round, industrial, sleek. This style of bathroom basin is bold, without assuming any of the arrogance you might find in flashier designs. This will be a solid staple in your bathroom, and not just physically. This sort of concrete structure pulls attention with its size, but doesn’t overwork the eyes with intense colours. They are suited for elegant contemporary bathrooms by blending into their environment. They also work fantastically with vibrant backdrops, where they can calm the lighting in the room.

sanibell bv 530lZQXMKGw unsplash

Super-Silent Round Inset Basins 

A small, round inset basin in a small bathroom nook, backed by a round bathroom mirror, can look very clean and tidy. Pair it with some wall mounted tapware, and you’ve got a very space-conscious vanity bench. This sort of style loves to be small and silent, so classic whites and steriles do in fact work well with it. 

Under Mount Basins

Well-Wished Washstands

A washstand is more or less the same thing as a wall mounted/pedestal basin. It is a small area in the bathroom specifically designed for washing your hands, and nothing else. They have grown increasingly back into fashion, and absolutely scream simplicity. The whites also work well with this style. 

pexels max vakhtbovych 6934226

Magnificent Marble Basins 

When it comes to class and luxury, few materials top marble. Whether you’re using marble for your vessel basins, or using it as a benchtop for your porcelain basins, marble will look great. An expensive option for sure, but well worth it. Marble looks great, is easy to clean, and is super strong. Marble also comes in many different colours, so it suits many different bathrooms!

pexels max vakhtbovych 7195721

Go Gangbusters! 

At the end of the day, what is a contemporary style bathroom? I say whatever the bloomin’ heck you say it is! Sure we’ve given you some ideas, but no one knows what you want more than you do. If you wanted pink tapware with flower petals for a handle and a coconut for a basin, you’re allowed and empowered to do that! Just remember, you come first. Who cares what Sharen and Dave think!?

pexels max vakhtbovych 7018829

Where Should You Go To Browse Bathroom Basins?

You have your creative firearm, now it’s time to find some ammunition and fire it! Allow us to introduce ourselves. 

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