Choosing Bathroom Tapware to Match Your Bathroom Basin

Matching your bathroom tapware to your washbasin is essential since bathroom aesthetics play a big part in creating the home of your dreams.  Allow us to walk you through the process of picking your tapware and washbasins step by step. 

Do Bath and Basin Taps Have to Match? 

Does all tapware have to match in a bathroom? Well, most interior decorators would agree that all tapware sets in your bathroom should match. However, this may not be possible as not all tapware sets have a complete range.  

Taste and personal style will also determine whether or not your tap, sink, and bath tapware should match. Consequently, take some time to consider what you want before you choose. Would you prefer a traditional, modern, rustic, industrial, provincial, or retro bathroom? 


What to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Tapware 

How do I choose bathroom tapware? There are a couple of things you will need to keep in mind when selecting tapware for your bathroom. This includes the types of taps available, different finishing styles, wash basin types, and tap and sink combinations. 


Types of Bathroom Tapware and Types of Taps 

Once you dive into the world of bathroom tapware, you’ll soon discover that the options are endless! To enable you to make an informed decision, we’ve listed the most common types of taps below.


1. Basin Mixers 

With a single mixing lever handle that combines both hot and cold water, basin mixers allow you to create the perfect water temperature and are super easy to use. Generally, they are installed centrally, just behind the basin bowl. 


2. Vessel Mixers 

A vessel mixer creates an elaborate appearance in your bathroom where you get to be creative with its placement. Compared to standard basin mixers, the extra height of vessel mixers works perfectly with above-the-counter basins. 


3. Wall Mixers 

Wall mixers make a statement in the bathroom. They free up countertop space, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms.  


4. Tapware Sets 

Tapware sets include a spout and hot and cold taps installed from within your wall. Sets offer a traditional look and are a beloved choice for family bathrooms. You also have better water flow and temperature control with two handles at your disposal.  


5. Hob sets 

Hob sets are a great alternative to your ordinary basin and vessel mixers. They’re perfect for under-counter basins, and mixer and tapware hobs are stylish yet practical. 


Finishing Styles 

Besides tapware types, you also have various finishing styles or “looks” from which to choose! 


1. Brushed Nickel Tapware 

Also known as pewter, brushed nickel looks silver but slightly warmer than brushed chrome. This colour may dull over time but will never completely change shades. 


2. Gunmetal Tapware 

A relatively new finish with a smooth, metallic shimmer, gunmetal is a dark grey. It’s a modern and trendy choice. 


3. Brushed Brass Tapware 

Brass tapware has a yellow-gold look and comes either in a brushed or polished finish, both of which age over time. Brass generates a sense of warmth in a bathroom. 


4. Gold Tapware 

Gold makes a shiny statement since it’s strong and doesn’t rust or tarnish quickly. Brass looks similar to gold but is far less costly.   


5. Matte Black Tapware 

Is black tapware a good idea? While black bathroom taps have pros and cons, they tend to fit almost any bathroom colour scheme or style. Black tapware is also quite affordable! 


6. Matte White Tapware 

Matte white finishes are versatile and suit a variety of interior styles. However, it would be best to clean these taps with great care. 


7. Chrome Tapware 

This safe and sparkling option comes in every size and shape imaginable. 


8. Stainless Steel Tapware 

Stainless steel taps are high quality, rust-resistant and easy to clean. 


9. Copper Tapware 

Copper tapware is a bold choice! Copper is antibacterial, which means that any scratches will eventually look like a natural part of the tap’s exterior. 


10. Bronze Tapware 

Bronze is richer and browner in colour than copper. Dark bronze has a deep, chocolatey appearance and can make a massive statement in an otherwise traditional space. 


Wash Basin types 

In the same way that there are various types of taps, there are also many kinds of basins from which to choose.


1. Wall-Mounted Wash Basin 

Wall-mounted basins are ideally suited for smaller bathrooms with limited space available.  


2. Waterfall Wash Basin 

Waterfall basins are paired with mixer taps, mimicking a natural waterfall’s cascade and creating a relaxing atmosphere.  


3. Small Wash Basin 

A standard sized tap will overpower a small bathroom basin, whereas a small basin mixer tap will be the perfect, efficient fit.  


4. Tall Wash Basin 

High rise mixer taps are taller than most standard sized basin mixer taps and work well with taller washbasins. Elevated basins include mounted, bench-top basins, like stone bench-top basins.  


The Ideal Tap and Sink Basin Combination 

To find the ideal combination of tap and washbasin (sink), both aesthetically and functionally, you must consider three factors: 

  • Space: Does the combination offer sufficient usable space to wash your hands comfortably? 
  • Splash: Is there any splashing when the tap is on that could cause a mess?  
  • Spray: Is spray created when users wash their hands? 


Price and Durability 

Price doesn’t always reflect quality, so you must look for taps built to a high standard and not necessarily just a high price. 

The problem with poor quality taps is that they can start dripping or leaking, which wastes water and may lead to more significant issues. 

The great thing about taps is that they should be a fit-and-forget fixture. Quality taps will consistently deliver performance and durability. 


Contact The Plumbing Store Today! 

Choosing the tapware for your bathroom can save you a lot of time and effort in the future if you do it correctly. It’s vital to choose wisely!

Have any more questions? Contact us today for professional help!

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