A Guide to Selecting the Best Material for Your Bathroom Accessories

Bathrooms are a room of functionality.  The bathroom exits for a purpose.  The bathroom is a tool you can use to ensure you maintain a base level of hygiene.  That doesn’t mean you can’t style the bathroom like you would another room of the house, like the living room.  The bathroom can be transformed into a real space of luxury and relaxation.  Sure, major focal points like freestanding bathtubs will achieve this, but what many people forget, premium bathroom accessories are another great way to achieve this!

The Plumbing Store offers a wide range of accessories for you to choose from.  These accessories will align to whatever need you are wanting to have filled.  These accessories come in the classic; gloss, meno, radii, round, square and UDO styles.


            The gloss styles feature a range of; bathroom towel rails, double towel rails, robe hooks, bathroom shower shelves, soap dishes and toilet roll holders.


            In the meno style, The Plumbing Store has; towel rails, double towel rails, bathroom shelves, robe hooks, toilet roll holders and towel rings.  All of which will work in your bathroom space!


            The most extensive of The Plumbing Store’s range, the radii range includes; double toilet roll holders, double towel rails, bathroom shelves, round towel holders, robe hooks, single toilet roll holders, towel rails, soap dishes, spare toilet roll holders and towel ladders.  All in different colours and materials to suit your needs!


            The Plumbing Store has round; metal shelves, robe hooks, towel rails, soap bottle holders, toilet roll holders and wall hooks.  These accessories will sure to give your bathroom the final touches it deserves.  Check out the stock on the website today!


            In the square style, The Plumbing Store has; hand towel rails, shelves, shower screen hooks, towel rails and toilet roll holders.  These will sure look sharp!


            The last group of accessories which The Plumbing Store stocks are UDO bathroom accessories.  UDO has; centre pillars, double centre pillars, coat hooks, toilet roll holders, double toilet roll holders, bathroom shelves, soap dishes and towel rings.

What Materials Do The Plumbing Store Sell and What They Are Suited for?

The Plumbing Store stocks accessories in two different materials; matte black and chrome.  Both have their uses and both can be used to subscribe to your aesthetic goals.

Matte Black

            Matte black is an audacious choice in material.  That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be used.  It is extremely sleek and elegant.  Used in the right circumstance, matte black accessories are a great choice.  However, if you use them, you must make sure the entire bathroom is uniform and follows the same style.  For example, let’s say you have a lot of whites and other ‘stand out’ colours, such as a towel ladder that you may have painted yourself in a nice sky blue.  This can be a great look, but having matte black accessories would look out of touch.  Black accessories, as they are elegant and do not stand out as much, are suited to simple, modernistic bathrooms.  Dark woods and other dark neutrals look absolutely fantastic with matte black bathroom accessories!


            Chrome, as opposed to matte black, is far more versatile.  Chrome is by far the most popular material choice in the bathroom, not only for accessories, but for tapware sets and shower heads too.  It will look great in almost any bathroom and is seemingly timeless, applying to stunningly contemporary bathrooms and comfortably traditional bathrooms too.  You probably wouldn’t use chrome bathroom accessories depending on your tapware sets.  If you have already installed or purchased a tapware set that is matte black, or another material like brass or porcelain, chrome will look strange.  If you have a cute little traditional bathroom, with brass dual spouts, a bit of a rustic look, installing chrome accessories will begin to ruin the aesthetic of the bathroom.

What Brands Does The Plumbing Store Sell?


            The main brand The Plumbing Store stocks is Clark.  The Plumbing Store has a large range of Clark bathroom accessories that come in a range of sizes and materials.  Clark bathroom accessories are well known and will definitely sharpen the look of your bathroom.


            Harmony is another large brand that The Plumbing Store stocks.  Harmony has many bathroom accessories but their most notable accessory they stock is a very stylish meno dual towel rail, in either chrome or matte black.  If you’re looking for dual towel rails, Harmony is an excellent option.


            Phoenix is the last of the big bathroom accessory brands that The Plumbing Store stocks.  Phoenix again has a large range of accessories, however, if you’re looking for bathroom shelving, Phoenix is probably your best option.  They have a selection of metal bathroom shelving in matte black or chrome.  They also stock a glass bathroom shelf with chrome supports which will look fantastic in your bathroom space.


            UDO is a small Australian business based out of Victoria.  They only stock chrome accessories, but what they do stock looks great!  If you are wanting chrome accessories and want to support a small domestic business, UDO is a great option!

How to Use Bathroom Accessories

The thing to remember when using bathroom accessories is to not overuse them.  Form follows function.  Do not just start putting accessories in your bathroom for the sake of it.  Work out what your needs are.  If you’re by yourself in an apartment, you probably won’t need a dual towel rail.  Similarly, if you don’t wear dressing gowns and that sort of thing, you probably don’t need a robe hook.  If you only use a bar of soap, not bottled soap, you won’t need a soap bottle holder.  The look of your bathroom should follow what you use it for!  Using too many accessories will only create clutter.

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