How to Select The Ultimate Tapware to Suit Your Kitchen Style

Selecting the best of anything is a difficult task. Selecting what kitchen tapware is best for you is no different. The first step to selecting what is best is having a firm grasp of what is on the market and understanding what the pros and cons of each tap on the market are. Everyone’s needs are different, and as such, recognising your needs and recognising which tap has more pros than cons based on your needs is extremely important.

There are many kinds of different kitchen tapware on the market. Each one is made to specifically cater to different needs. Understanding what these taps do will help you decide what is best for your kitchen.

Single Lever Kitchen Mixer Taps

Single lever mixer taps, as the name suggests, are single spout taps with a single lever to control both the pressure and temperature of water. Typically, the further left you move the lever the hotter the water gets, the further right you move the lever the colder the water gets, and the further you raise the lever the higher the water pressure will increase. These taps have become very popular for their convenient use and simplistic style.

Three-Hole Kitchen Tapware Sets

Similarly with single lever taps, three-hole tapware sets have both hot and cold water come out of a single spout. However, what makes them different is they are instead controlled with two different tap handles. One tap handle on the right for cold water and one tap handle on the left for hot.

Tapware Location

Some three-hole tap controls, instead of placed on the kitchen sink, come out of the wall behind the sink. This is largely because of plumbing reasons, but may also be because of style choices.

Spout Design

On top of the things previously mentioned, kitchen tapware can vary based on the design of the spout. Most of these spout designs are completely style choices. Typically, kitchen taps are normal bend spouts or gooseneck spouts. Go with what you think looks best and check what stock is available to you when buying. However, some kitchen taps come with flexible gooseneck spouts with manoeuvrable hand showers and adjustable sprays. If this sounds like something you are interested in you should inquire with your kitchen tapware professional.

Kitchen Pillar Taps

The last form of kitchen taps and the least popular are kitchen pillar taps. These are taps that have two spouts. One tap for cold water and one tap for hot water. The water does not come out of the same spout. This is typically because of water pressure issues, however, can also be because of stylistic choices.

Pros and Cons of Each Kitchen Tap

Pros of Single Lever Kitchen Mixer Taps

Single lever taps are the easiest to use of all kitchen tapware. Because of this, it makes it perfect for the elderly and children who might otherwise find it difficult to manoeuvre the taps waterflow and temperature. It might also be easier to control when your hands are dirty and covered in food, something typical of a kitchen. Additionally, this means kitchen mixers are better for saving water, because the time finding the correct flow and water temperature will be shorter.

Cons of Single Lever Kitchen Mixer Taps

Single lever mixer taps are unfortunately rather one dimensional. There is little room to get creative with them because of their simple, modernistic look. If your kitchen is a little more ‘funky’, you might want to explore other options in tapware.

Pros of Three-Hole Kitchen Mixer Taps

Stylistically, there is more to do with three-hole mixer tap sets. If you’re plumbing and kitchen sink allows for the flexibility, you can mount the spout and handles on the wall, the back of the sink, or even in the corner. They’re great for the traditional look.

Cons of Three-Hole Kitchen Mixer Taps

No doubt, the biggest downfall of the three-hole mixer tap is the fact it is more difficult to manoeuvre. This means if your hands are dirty with food and you need to turn the tap on, you’re likely to dirty the tap. As you could imagine, this also means that three-hole mixer taps require more cleaning. Additionally, if you already have a kitchen sink that only has one hole, you will not be able to mount three-hole mixer taps.

Pros Spout Design (Flexible Gooseneck Spout)

The flexible gooseneck spout design with manoeuvrable hand shower and adjustable spray is a prefect tap for professional kitchens. This is because the large tap is designed for cleaning lots of dishes, some of which are of strange sizes and shapes.

Cons Spout Design (Flexible Gooseneck Spout)

This sort of tap is rather unsightly. In a professional kitchen where function is the main thing that matters, it is not an issue. However, for your home kitchen design, it might not be the best option for you.

Pros Kitchen Pillar Taps

Kitchen pillar taps are a great look if you want to really get different with your kitchen design. They are great for a more rustic looking kitchen. Stylistically, they can offer a lot.

Cons Kitchen Pillar Taps

Kitchen pillar taps have all the cons of three-hole mixer taps in the sense they are more difficult to operate and harder to clean. Kitchen pillar taps also however suffer the problem of only offering cold or hot water. Nothing in between.

So, What Tap Set is Best for You?

At the end of the day, almost all taps on the market are decent taps that will work for your kitchen. What makes things difficult is choosing which kitchen tap set is best for you. When choosing you should consider the following;


Are elderly and children going to be using the kitchen tap? Will you gain benefit operating the tap with dirty hands? If yes, the pros of a single lever mixer may speak strongly to you.

Do You Already Have a Kitchen Sink?

If you already have a sink, you will need to select tapware that can be fit to it. For example, if you have a single hole sink, you will not be able to install a three-hole mixer tap. Some outlets offer kitchen sink sets, that include a sink and tap set. This is something you should consider when buying.

What Is Your Budget?

If you have a large budget, you may be able to afford getting a new sink to suit the tap set you would like. Otherwise, if your budget is smaller, you will have to more closely subscribe to what you already have in your kitchen.

What Aesthetic Do You Want Your Kitchen to Be?

Lastly, different taps and materials will create different moods and aesthetics in your kitchen. Single lever taps are elegant, sleek and simple, so they suit a contemporary home style in a chrome or matte black finish. Traditional three-hole mixer taps and pillar taps are more suited to rustic/retro/traditional styles. So, more audacious materials in gold or brass are more suited to them.

Final Comment

Almost every tap will work in your kitchen, don’t get too stressed when choosing! At the end of the day, you should go with a tapware set that speaks to you. Whether that’s functionally or stylistically, it’s your kitchen!

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