Bathroom Tapware

Complement your bathroom setting with a modern and classy tapware

Selecting the right basin and shower tapware for your bathroom will significantly influence your bathroom’s atmosphere. Tapware functionality is important, as well as aesthetic appeal. Select from our range of; Clark, Gallery, Harmony, Methven and Phoenix tapware to accomplish your bathroom goals.

Bathroom Tapware Can Elevate Your Bathroom Design

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or building a new bathroom, you can bring out the best of your bathroom with stylish and functional bathroom taps. Find a wide range of chrome and black bathroom tapware online right here.

Bathroom tapware sets

There’s no better way to add a touch of colour or to bring some character to your bathroom than by installing high-quality bathroom taps.

The right tapware can leave a lasting impression on any guests in your home and set your bathroom apart from the rest.

What designs are available?

There are so many choices when it comes to finding the right bathroom taps for your home.


For a more classic look, rounded tap handles can find themselves comfortable in any bathroom design. 


Square design tapware can bring a more modern, chic look to your bathroom. You don’t need to read the best bathroom taps review to know that a square design is booming in popularity throughout Australian homes.


You’ll find that most bathroom taps will attach to either the basin or sink itself, or be wall-mounted.

Wall-mounted tapware sets are an increasingly popular choice, however, you’ll be able to find a great range of styles regardless of where your taps are installed.


You’ll be able to find a huge range of colour options when browsing bathroom tapware online. Whatever your bathroom design there are great bathroom taps available to match.

If you want a traditional, classic look, then consider installing brass tapware bathroom sets or white bathroom taps. These offer a tried and true look.

For a modern look that’s sure to leave an impression go no further than a black tapware bathroom set.

Many new Australian home designers are choosing to install matte black bathroom tapware to bring urban styles into the home. 

Of course, you can’t look past chrome bathroom taps as these are a common sight for good reasons. Simply put, they go with every bathroom design and can easily match other taps and faucets throughout your home.

Tapware Advantages

The main benefit of having a bathroom tapware set that includes both a hot and cold tap is that it gives you a greater degree of control over water flow and temperature.

Choosing the best bathroom tapware for your home

When choosing your bathroom sink taps it’s important to keep in mind your budget and the style of your bathroom.

You also need to keep in mind the size of your sink. You don’t want to buy new taps only for them to not properly fit or be an improper size. 

Remember that your bathroom basin taps should complement the existing style of your bathroom. Think of them as a final flourish in the design. 

If you already have a faucet and are just buying the taps themselves, make sure to buy a similar or matching style to the faucet. If you don’t, you might leave any guests with a less than positive impression of your bathroom design.

See the bathroom tapware experts

Before you begin to ask how to replace bathroom taps and start looking at improving the bathroom in your home, consider seeing bathroom tapware experts and getting their professional insight into what bathroom sink taps would suit your home and your needs. 

If you’re renovating or building a new bathroom for your home, see local bathroom taps suppliers for fast supply and browse their range of bathroom tapware sale options in person to get the best idea of what bathroom taps you want for your home.

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