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Update the look of and feel of your bathroom with stylish, clean and modern bathroom products, including bathroom tapware, sinks & vanity basins, mixers, shower heads and more.

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Common questions about Bathroom

What are the most important features in Bathrooms?

Every individual is different. What may be an important bathroom feature to you can differ to someone else. The most important part is how we can help you bring your bathroom decor ideas to life by being one of Australia’s largest bathroom suppliers.

We offer a wide selection of products, fittings and accessories to ensure you fulfil your bathroom ideas. Check out our online range of bathroom sinks, mixers, shower heads, counter basins, hand basins, inset basins and more.

Do I need a bath or just a shower?

If your bathroom space permits, you can definitely install both a shower and a freestanding bathtub. For those with smaller bathrooms, you can still own the luxury of having both, with a shower and bath combination.

What type of contractors are involved in a bathroom renovation?

From start to finish, bathroom renovations may require the assistance of builders, electricians, plumbers, painters, tilers and waterproofers. Depending on the extent of your bathroom renovation, some jobs are  DIY, for instance you may want to do the paint yourself to save some cash.

A licensed professional is necessary for all electrical and plumbing work, as it is illegal do it yourself in most states across Australia.

How long will the project take from start to finish?

Depending on the extent of your project, a bathroom renovation can take anywhere between 13 and 25 days on average to complete. There is no 1-size-fits-all answer to this question and will depend on the following factors:

  • The size of your bathroom
  • The type of work being done
  • Availability of materials and products
  • Access to tradesmen
  • And unplanned events

How to choose material, colours and finishes?

The first step is to choose 3 main colours: 1 neutral, 1 rich, and one accent — think 70/20/10 distribution. The lightest colour will cover for 70% of the bathroom’s decor, with second colour for 20%, and the boldest at 10%. For example, contrasting gold tapware and soap dispensers against shades of black and white can help add character to the space, while using tapware to make a statement. 

Experimenting with a bathroom basin and organic materials can also add to a more biophilic design. Or consider a pedestal basin for a more minimalistic approach. You can rely on The Plumbing Store for modern bathroom design fittings and colours made to complement your space.


Get instant, clean and refreshing filtered water on-demand for your home with The Plumbing Store’s range of boiler taps, chilled water dispensers and carbonated water systems.

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Common questions about Drinking

What are the benefits of having filtered tap water?

There’s more to filtered water than simply being better tasting and odourless, here’s the benefits of installing a filtered water tap and system.

  • Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of having boiled, chilled or sparkling water on-demand at home or at the office
  • Effectively reduce water wastage with water instantly dispensing at cold or hot temperatures.
  • Energy efficient water systems provide boiled water instantly directly from the faucet, this means you no longer need to boil the kettle.
  • There is no need to stock on plastic bottled water anymore with healthier, cleaner and better tasting water dispensed at chilled or room temperature.
  • Replaceable tap water filters help remove chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants for better tasting water that’s odourless.
  • Worried about overall kitchen design and styling? With sleek, modern and innovative tapware designs, you’ll have no trouble finding one that complements your kitchen design.

How to choose the best filter for your home?

The real question here is — How does your household consume water? Chilled, boiling, sparkling or room temperature? Better yet, how about a combination of any of the above? Yes that’s right! 

Whether you feel like drinking sparkling water or looking to save time on cooking with instant boiling water, there’s a solution for you. For all filtered water kitchen taps in Perth, shop The Plumbing Stores instant filtered tap water range online.

What are the types of filters available in the market?

Can’t decide on what is the best tap water filter system for your home? The Plumbing Store provides the best brands and tap models, including  Zip HydroTap, Zip ChillTap and Puretec. 

Most tap models are generally installed near the kitchen sink, with the systems hidden under your kitchen bench.

Check out our water filtered taps range, which includes chilled water filter taps, boiling water filter taps, sparkling water filter taps and ambient water filter taps (still water).

Is instant boiling water safe?

Water dispensed at boiling temperatures does sound a little dangerous. However, there are safety features in place, including a safety lock to prevent accidental activation and a hands-free lever to avoid hands coming into contact with steam.

Can I have sparkling water on the go?

With a sparkling water filter tap, you can enjoy the luxury of having sparkling water instantly dispensed straight from the tap. You can find everything you need, including replaceable CO2 cartridges on our drinking products page.


Get instant access to cleaner, tastier drinking water direct from the faucets of your home with the best water filter system in Perth.

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Common questions about Filters

How much pollutants can a filter remove from tap water?

Depending on the type of water filtration system and filter, most will generally remove harmful bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, nitrates, herbicides, microplastics, copper and calcium, among other contaminants.

What are the different water filtration systems available?

Here are the top 3 most common types of water filter systems found in Australian homes.

Under Sink Water Filter Systems
One of the easiest ways to get filtered water straight from the faucet is to install an undersink water filter. An undersink filter system provides better tasting water that’s cleaner and odorless directly from your kitchen’s mixer tap. It’s perfect for cooking, washing vegetables, watering indoor plants and filling up pets’ water bowls.

Carbon Water Filter Systems and Cartridges
Carbon water filtration systems are one of the most popular types of water filters found in most Australian homes. Not only are the carbon water filters super effective at filtering contaminants such as chlorine, sediments, pesticides, bacteria and more, they are also easily replaced and cost-effective.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems
A reverse osmosis system works by filtering water through a semipermeable membrane to filter out toxic substances and water contaminants including heavy metals, bacteria, chlorine by-products and sulfates, among others.

How long does a filter last?

Replacing cartridges is one thing you can do on your own without a licensed professional if you’re confident. General rule of thumb is filters should be changed:

  • At least every 12 months for home systems
  • Every 3 to 6 months for workplaces

Can I install a filter for all my taps?

There are whole house water filtration systems available, which provide instant filtered water for all taps throughout your home. These are typically installed near your water supply as water enters the house from the mains.

What is needed for maintenance?

Regular maintenance and cleaning is needed for most water filtration systems. To ensure your water filtration system is operating optimally all year round, we recommend having your system regularly serviced every 6 to 12 months by a professional, as well as changing the filter cartridges every 6 to 12 months.


Don’t let Perth’s cold weather stop you from using your outdoor areas. Browse our energy-efficient heaters, including convection gas heaters, heaters with wall-mount brackets, heater ceiling poles, heat deflectors and more.

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Common questions about Heating

Are outdoor gas heaters safe?

Outdoor gas heaters are safe to use in most outdoor areas, including alfrescos and patios, as long as you follow instructions for safe storage, use and maintenance detailed in the user manual. There are a whole host of safety features, including no naked flames, an electronic ignition, anti-tilt mechanisms and gas leak prevention.

Can you use an outdoor gas heater in enclosed areas?

It is recommended to avoid using gas heaters in fully enclosed areas. There must be significant air flow to allow for carbon monoxide to dissipate. Indoor/outdoor areas such as enclosed porches or garages without enough air flow can be unsafe to use.

What do I have to consider to choose a heating system?

An outdoor gas heater is an essential if you want to enjoy your outdoor entertainment space during the cold weather. They make sitting around in the backyard with friends and family a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Majority of outdoor gas heaters are equipped to warm the immediate area, heating up to 140sqm to 185 sqm of covered space.

It comes down to whether or not you prefer suspended stationary heaters or a gas heater on wheels for mobility. View our energy-efficient gas heaters suitable for indoor/outdoor spaces.

What is the main difference between gas and electric heaters?

Outdoor electric heaters are efficient, portable and safe. They are the perfect choice for overhead heating in smaller areas, including alfrescos, patios and gazebos.

PROS of outdoor electric heaters

  • Very simple to use: Simply place the electric heater where you need it, plug it into any standard power outlet and you’re good to go.
  • Safe for smaller outdoor areas: Electric heaters provide the perfect amount of warmth for smaller outdoor areas that are enclosed and not well ventilated.

CONS of outdoor electric heaters

  • Slow to ramp up: Electric heaters take longer to heat up the space.
  • Limited placement: Electric heaters must be placed near an electrical outlet.

Outdoor gas heaters provide excellent heating in larger outdoor areas that are well-ventilated, particular outdoor decks, large alfrescos and patios. Depending on the model chosen, some may require an outdoor gas line or a gas tank.

PROS of outdoor gas heaters

  • Greater heat output: Compared to an electric heater that is slow to ramp up, gas heaters have a greater heat output.
  • Ideal for larger outdoor areas: Capable of heating 140sqm to 185sqm, gas heaters are perfect for entertaining large outdoor areas, including outdoor dinners, parties, and open spaces.

CONS of outdoor gas heaters

Explore our energy-efficient outdoor heaters, including convection gas heaters, heaters with wall-mount brackets, heater ceiling poles, heat deflectors and more.


Browse our extensive range of modern and classic designs of high quality products & fittings and bring your dream kitchen ideas to life.

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Common questions about Kitchen

How to plan your kitchen renovation?

When it comes to home kitchen renovations a lot of thought, planning, research and consideration goes into preparing how the space will look and function. Breaking it down into these 6 steps will help you plan for a better kitchen renovation.

  1. Research 
  2. Budget: cost considerations & cost-savings
  3. Design: design considerations, floor plan, layout and colours
  4. Fittings, finishes, kitchenwares and appliances
  5. Project timeline 
  6. Tradesmen required

How to choose the right tapware?

As one of Perth’s leading kitchen and bathroom suppliers in Perth, we supply a vast range of tapware styles and designs made to complement your home. You’ll need to consider the follow aspects when choosing the right tapware for your kitchen:

  • Design style: does it match the overall design of your kitchen?
  • Colour palette: are you looking to create a focal point with statement tapware?
  • Tapware type: is it going to be wall-mounted or top-mounted?
  • Quality of the material vs. price

For all your kitchen renovation needs, browse our online range of classic and modern designs of high quality kitchen tapware and mixers.

How to choose the best sink for your needs?

For all your kitchen renovation ideas, here is a list of the best kitchen sinks to consider.

Undermount Kitchen Sink
An undermount sink is extremely versatile, modern and sleek, providing a seamless finish that will suit most kitchen layouts. But that’s not all. Typically available in stainless steel, granite composite and fireclay, with the option of single bowl and double bowl.

Single and Double Kitchen Sinks
The choice between a double bowl kitchen sink versus a single bowl will depend on the size and layout of your kitchen, as well as countertop space. Keep in mind that when we say ‘single’ this is not to be confused with a small kitchen sink, but more towards functionality.

Stainless Steel Sinks
Many Aussie homeowners will tend to gravitate towards a stainless steel kitchen sink as they are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Available in single, double sinks, undermount and top mounted.

Inset Kitchen Sink
Inset sinks are considered to be one of the most popular types of kitchen sinks because of how easy they are to install, simply dropped into a pre-cut hole in the kitchen countertop.

What are the best kitchen materials and finishings?

Open plan kitchens have very much become an integral part of Aussie living. Why? Because we love to entertain.

This helps open up the space, especially among smaller size kitchens, a high gloss finish is favoured. The reflection of light makes the space appear larger and more open, in addition to working well with darker colours.

On the other end of the spectrum we have matt finishes. Unlike gloss, it does not reflect light and looks rather flat. It may not be suited for modern style kitchens, however it is a much better choice for more traditional-style or country-style kitchens. Main advantages of matt is the ability to hide fingerprints, scratches and other imperfections.

Chrome tapware and stainless steel sinks are very easy to clean and maintain, while complementing the overall style of your kitchen.

Granite and marble benchtops serve as one of the better materials, being resistant to scratches and wear. Soapstone and manufactured stone surfaces are durable, strong and non-porous, making them resistant to bacteria.


Create your ideal laundry space with The Plumbing Store’s wide variety of tapware, mixers, troughs, basins, and other laundry plumbing fittings from leading industry brands.

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Common questions about Laundry

How to plan your laundry renovation?

The laundry is often a neglected space and becomes a dreaded chore. Transform your laundry space into a more enjoyable room by focusing on functionality and beautiful interiors.

Plan how you’re going to use the space. Make sure there’s enough space to house essential items, including dryer, washer, sink, benchtop space and storage, in addition to having plenty of room to move. Opting for larger laundry troughs in combination with a swivel gooseneck mixers will allow for greater functionality, making life easier when doing the laundry.

Choose a style and spruce up the area. The laundry doesn’t have to be some dank and dark room that you dread going into. Think about your kitchen and bathrooms overall theme. Lighten up the space with brighter colours, allow for greater ventilation for excess moisture and make sure there’s plenty of storage for common household items.

What is the best size for a laundry sink?

When choosing the right laundry sink, you will need to consider the following measurements:

  • Benchtop cut out width, height, and depth.
  • New sink’s width, height, and depth.

The dimensions refer to the cut size required in your countertop to fit your sink. It also takes into account the space required below the benchtop to fit the sink in relation to the plumbing.

The best size for a laundry sink will differ for every individual, that’s why we always recommend seeking professional assistance and installation to avoid mistakes.

What is the best type of laundry sink?

There are many styles of laundry sinks, including drop-in sinks, undermount sinks, wall-mounted and floor-standing sinks.

Drop-in laundry room sinks are installed into a pre-cut hole in the countertop for an easier installation and work well with most countertops.

Undermount laundry sinks are installed beneath the counter for a flush and seamless finish. This type of laundry sink provides a contemporary look, while making cleaning a breeze as you can simply push things into the sink off the counter. Measurement needs to be exact when installing an undermount sink.

Wall-mounted and floor-standing sinks are typically installed away from the benchtop as a stand-alone sink. These are ideal for messy washing tasks that may dirty the countertop.

Laundry tubs offer a simple sink solution for either the kitchen or laundry for those with limited space, but still after the depth and capacity that a tub offers.

What are the best materials for a laundry sink?

Each type of sink comes in an array of materials, such as cast iron, acrylic, porcelain, ceramic, and stainless steel.

Porcelain sinks are most common in laundry rooms for their classic and timeless look, as well as being very heat resistant, easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for laundry rooms.

Ceramic laundry sinks are a non-porous material that is resistant to stains more than any other type of laundry sink material. This type of laundry tub material is super easy to clean and maintain, durable and has an appealing shine.

You’ll find stainless steel sinks in just about every Australian home. They are classic go-to laundry tubs, providing an industrial look and feel that matches well with organic materials. They are easy to clean and maintain, however can be a little loud when water directly hits.


Get inspired with Harmony Bathroomware. Supplier of high quality bathroom, kitchen and laundry fixtures, including bathroom & kitchen mixer taps, tapware, bathroom accessories, showers and bath outlets and more.

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Common questions about Harmony

What is the Harmony range?

The Harmony Bathroomware range offers an extensive range of traditional, contemporary and modern designs of high quality bathroom, kitchen and laundry fixtures and products. Their inspiring range gives you a chance to add your own signature touch with any home renovation

What are Harmony products?

The Harmony range includes mixers, tapware, shower sets, towel rails and rings, shower heads, shower rails, and toilet roll holders. Available in finishes chrome and black, suitable for modern, traditional and contemporary bathroom designs.

What is the warranty with harmony products?

  • Mixer Products (Domestic Use) 15 Year ** 15 Year Internal Cartridge replacement 12 Months Parts and Labour. (Validity 12 months from purchased date)
  • Standard Tapware 12 months Parts and Labour Warranty
  • Shower Products 3 Year Warranty
  • Bathroom Accessories 12 months Warranty
  • Finishes 2 Year Warranty
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