Which Brand is Best for Bathroom Accessories?

Bathroom accessories and décor may seem simple at first, but when you find yourself having to choose between two sturdy-looking towel rails, making a decision can quickly become tricky! You want to ensure that you choose right now so that you don’t end up spending more in the long run by having to replace your bathroom accessories. 

We know the questions you may have when you’re looking to revamp or accessorise your bathroom. We’ve been there! Which brand is the best? Which toilet paper holder will look best? What are the best quality bathroom fittings? Will this be worth my money?  

Brands can make or break your bathroom budget, which is why we want to help you make informed decisions. From bathroom holders and other bathroom décor accessories to luxury bathroom accessories and designer bathware, here are our favourite brands for bathroom accessories.


Bathroom Accessories Australia: Which Brand is Best? 

Quality bathroom accessories are not just about looking good. Yes, that’s certainly something that attracts you to it, but you should really take a closer look at the company’s reputation, what materials they use and whether these are durable and low-maintenance.

Whether you’re looking at modern bathroom accessories or luxury bathroom accessories, like designer bathware and taps, in no particular order, here are some of the top Australian bathroom accessories brands out there for you to consider.


1. Caroma

Innovation has always been at Caroma’s core for over seven decades, making this brand an Australian bathroom icon. Originally designed to withstand the corrosive water in Adelaide, these fittings are as durable as they’re beautiful. 


2. Decina

Functionality lies at the heart of this brand, which is why it’s such a popular choice! Their bathroom accessories generally feature slimline profiles and modern chrome finishes and are easy to clean. 


3. Clark

Clark has been a popular choice in Australian homes for over 60 years now, and today, they have a wide range of options. Their after-sales support is also great, with many coming with a warranty. 


4. Gallery

The Gallery’s range of products meets all tastes, from the most traditional products to the trendiest European designs.


5. Harmony

Harmony Bathroomware prides itself in designing quality bathroom fixtures, from bathroom tapware to bathroom accessories, showers, bath outlets and more.


6. Master Rail

Master Rail’s end pillars are famous for being a permanent and durable fix, fitted directly to your walls without needing brackets.

7. Methven

What originally started as a brass and iron hardware company in New Zealand, today, Methven specialises in luxury showers and tapware worldwide.


8. Phoenix

This brand’s relentless focus on design and innovation ensures that customers enjoy the best bathroom experience.


9. Seima 

A proudly Australian brand, Seima aims to get products out of the international design magazines and into everyday Australian bathrooms.


10. Stylus

Stylus is committed to the marriage of style and innovation, offering only the highest quality products.


Bathroom Accessories Ideas: Which Types of Bathroom Accessories Are Essential?  

Regardless of the bathroom accessory brand you decide on, when it comes to bathroom décor, certain staple bathroom items are non-negotiable. So, what accessories should I have in a bathroom and how do I accessorise my bathroom?  

Bathroom accessories may include everything from general bathroom accessories and bathroom hardware to toilet accessories and shower accessories.   

Here’s a list of bathroom accessories we can’t live without.


1. Towel Rails 

Towels have several vital functions in your bathroom. From bath towels to hand towels and face towels, it’s essential to keep your bathroom stocked up and ready. Naturally, you need excellent towel rails to keep those towels off the floor and organised.

When choosing a towel rail, you want to ensure that you go for something that can accommodate the amount of people who will be using the bathroom. For example, an ensuite might only need a single towel rail. However, a shared family bathroom or guest bathroom will need a longer, double towel rail or even a large towel ladder. And don’t forget about a towel holder next to the sink for those hand towels!


2. A Bathrobe Hook 

You can wear a bathrobe beyond the bathroom, making it one of the essential bathroom accessories. It keeps you covered and warm, avoiding those awkward little sprints between the bathroom and the bedroom, and it’s simply a necessity in the icy Perth winters. We offer a variety of wall hooks from which to choose so that you won’t be left hanging!


3. Toiletry Organisers 

Toiletries often take up the most space in a bathroom. An efficient storage system in your bathroom will minimise confusion in the morning. And an extra supply of basic toiletries can also be helpful to guests. 

Why not consider a shelf or two? Floating shelves are the perfect addition to any bathroom wall. They even work inside a shower!


4. Soap Holders

You’re more than likely using a variety of soaps in your bathroom, from liquid soaps for bathing, hand washing soaps, as well as hard soap bars stored in your drawers.  

There’s nothing worse than a soap bar slipping around your shower or in your bath. Keep things tidy (and safe!) with a stylish soap dish. Or keep your vanity and basin uncluttered by attaching a liquid soap holder to the wall for your handwash. 


5. Wall Hooks 

Wall hooks provide extra storage, making space for temporary items like spare towels, clothes, or a visitor’s toiletry bag.  

Adhesive hooks are ideal for hanging items like air fresheners or hand towels behind your bathroom door or next to your toilet or sink. 


6. Toilet Paper Holders

A toilet paper holder will make your bathroom appear much neater. Also, ensure that you have somewhere to store extra rolls that are easily accessible yet stored neatly. 


8. Appropriate Cleaning Supplies 

Always ensure that you use the correct cleaning supplies for the specific bathroom accessories you’ve bought. The Plumbing Store’s unique range of bathroom accessories prides itself on durability, simplicity and style. Our products are affordable, accessible and easy to clean and maintain. 


Choose Us, Choose the Best!  

The Plumbing Store knows all about bathroom accessories, so why suffer silently from confusion? Contact us today, and let’s assist you!

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