Tapware That Doesn’t Need Drilling – Is It Worth It?

Sometimes you don’t want to have to drill. You might want to protect the wall. You may be prohibited from making any holes. Or you might just want a quicker result without the hassle and mess that drills can bring to the party. 

There are lots of drill-free options available for around the home, and the bathroom’s no exception. So, put your toolbox away and read on.

Why would you want no drill bath accessories? There are all sorts of reasons you might want to look into bathroom accessories without screws. 


To protect the wall

To start with, there’s the damage drilling does to the property wall. OK, you can disguise unwanted holes with plaster and decoration, but it’s a pain and rarely gives 100% perfect results. 

In any case, if you’re prohibited from damaging the wall by statutory protection (if it’s a historic property) or by an overbearing landlord (if it’s a rental), then you really shouldn’t even be thinking about getting that drill out, let alone how you’re going to repair the damage when the time comes. 

If you’re worried about the damage you might do to the wall with the adhesive that the accessory uses, think again. As long as the wall is clean and smooth, you’ll be able to remove the accessory without any problem and with no damage done to the wall. 


You may change your mind

Diamonds are forever and a dog is for life, but let’s face it – a towel rail might be just for that month. You should be able to move it, and the other bits and bobs you’ve got up on the wall, as often as you jolly well like. You might have actually made a mistake with the layout. What looked great on paper just doesn’t work in reality. You’re reaching for the towel and hitting the toilet paper. And vice versa. Think of the potential mishaps. 

Thankfully, it’s easy to move no drill accessories. Some of them have a tab you can use for quick and easy removal. Otherwise, you can employ heat from a hairdryer to loosen the adhesive. As mentioned above, if the wall’s smooth and even, there shouldn’t be a problem. Any residual adhesive can be cleaned off with a sponge and proprietary cleaner. 


You may want to add to your vanity

Using a no drill bathroom accessory, you can augment your vanity unit with the direct addition of the feature that makes it perfect. Towel bars and hooks are a good option here, as is a toilet roll holder if the toilet’s next to the vanity. If it’s the other side of the room, you may wish to reconsider. 


You can mount accessories on glass

As far as clear winners go, this is a champ. If you’re wanting to add an accessory to a glass surface such as a shower door or a cupboard front, you’re not going to want to be messing about with a drill. That way lies disaster. 

Using no-screws accessories, you can take things in a new direction. You can add a towel rail or a great looking hook to the outside of the shower door (which can also function as a door handle). You can add a shower caddy to the inside of the door. You can add a shelf for your valued (and waterproof) knick knacks. 


Get your hooks in

Bathrooms are all about the hooks. OK, you might be a rail person, but there are very few bathrooms that won’t benefit from a few hooks around the place. Because, at the end of the day, hooks aren’t just for towels. Think of a nice plant hanging from a hook over the bath. That could look amazing. There, you see? And have you been wondering where to put your bathrobe when you take it off? A hook’s the answer, and if you use an adhesive hook, you can change the position of that sucker whenever you like. 

And if it turns out you were right after all about hooks and your life would actually be better without them, you can get rid of all trace with no harm done. 


Quick stick

Drills are a pain. You have to make sure your drillbit’s not just the right size but the right sort. Is it a masonry bit? Or should it be a tiling bit? And that’s before you’ve even got to the rawlplug. Is it the right variety for the wall construction? Is it the right size for the screw? Oh, hang on, I don’t have the right size screws. 

All this before we’ve even started to drill. As soon as we do, that’s when the fun really starts. Wall dust all over the room, big flakes of plaster coming away, and – what’s happened? Oh, who knew there were cables here? Do we know an electrician?

Say goodbye to drillmares. No-screw accessories are a cinch to put up and can be done in a fraction of the time their drilled counterparts take. 


Kinds of no drill accessories

You can avail yourself of a vast range of wonderful bathroom accessories which will transform your room without so much as a hint of drilling being necessary. 

Adhesive towel racks and hooks are obvious, as are toilet roll holders. But have you considered a hairdryer holder, directly stuck on the mirror? Now you’re talking. And if you want a toilet brush holder nice and accessible but you don’t want it on the floor, try sticking it on the wall. Not necessarily at eye level (unless you’ve got a really nice one). 

A vanity unit can be brought to life with a nice soapdish stuck in position on top and a toothbrush holder placed on the wall above. And if you could really do with a products shelf and you want it up and working in a jiffy, you should look into a no drill bathroom shelf rather than having to get all drilled up. And, as mentioned above, an adhesive shower caddy can be super-handy. 

You can even use some items that depend for their position not on adhesive but on suction. Obviously, you’re not going to want valuable items being held up with suction alone, but good suction bathroom accessories could include a flannel holder, for instance. 


This is not a drill

This is real life, and real life is hassle enough without bringing a drill into the equation. So, be bold, be daring. And be sensible. Use adhesive bathroom accessories to make things that little bit easier. They take the lather out of life. 

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