The Ultimate Guide to Caroma Bathroom Tapware

When it comes to interior designing, every little detail counts. It is always the little parts that add a personal finishing touch to make the space your own. Some, even as little as adding accents to your furniture handles or tassels to your cushions in the living room. 

In this case, we will be exploring bathroom taps and mixers. These small but necessary parts of your bathroom can really elevate and enhance your space when chosen right. Sure, bathroom accessories like plumbing taps or bathroom mixers might not be a wow factor to you or your guests but Caroma tapware and bath mixer taps might just change your mind. 

What is Caroma? 

Firstly, what is Caroma? You might have seen this brand around here in Australia and yes it is Australian-made! One of Australia and New Zealand’s leading bathroom brands for over 78 years, Caroma has been innovating through each and every one of its designs. Just as their brand tagline, Caroma improves the comfort of the customer, and improves the health of the planet. 

What You Need to Consider

Aside from your budget and style that should already be some of the few things you should be considering before choosing your tapware or mixer. Here are four other considerations: 

1) Depth of your basin 

The depth of your basin can help you determine the style and length of your tapware. 

2) Space of your bathroom 

It goes without saying that the size of your bathroom determines the size of your tapware as well. For a smaller bathroom space, you would want smaller to medium-sized tapware whereas a bigger bathroom allows more room for tapware styles and sizes, some even more than one. 

3) Tap set up 

Let’s say that you already have an existing bathroom tap that has holes in your basin or walls. Be sure to select the next one to have the same or similar setup to reduce installation work. 

4) Maintenance 

Yes, tapware does require maintenance. While you do not have to service it as often as you would an air conditioner, it is good to also maintain the outlook and aesthetics of your tapware. For example, chrome bathroom taps can be sleek when it is first installed but you would have to clean them often as they may have watermarks and fingerprints after you use them. 

Types of Bathroom Tapware 

There is a plethora of bathroom tapware to choose from, giving you the opportunity to mix and match according to your preference. We have shower taps, bath mixers, toilet taps, bathroom sink mixers and many more; but let us break it down into something easier. Here, we are going to separate them into basin taps and bath taps. 

Types of Basin Taps

Wall-mounted basin taps 

Just as its name suggests, wall-mounted taps are designed to be fitted to your bathroom wall. This can get complicated as you would need to be aware of the pipework behind the wall. Despite that, many homeowners still opt to have wall-mounted basin taps as it gives a nice, clean and contemporary finish. 

Hot and cold basin pillar taps 

This is the basic and most affordable type of taps that you will often find in most bathrooms. Available in both traditional and modern styles, one side of the tap controls hot water while the other controls cold water. Ensure that your basin has two tap holes in order to have this tap installed. 

Monobloc basin taps 

Unlike the hot and cold pillar tap, the monobloc basin tap is designed through one tap-hole sink to deliver both hot and cold water. Through a single lever handle, you will be able to control your desired flow and temperature of the water which makes it easier to use. 

High-rise basin taps

Similar to a monobloc basin tap, a high-rise basin tap is much taller which makes it ideal for a worktop area or a countertop sink. 

Types of Bath Taps and Mixers

Three-piece taps

This shower tap has one sprout accompanied by separate hot and cold taps. 

Free standing mixers

A contemporary-designed mixer that rises from the floor next to your bath. It can be positioned however you like, making your bathing experience a comfortable one. 

Bath or shower diverter mixers 

If you have a combination of a showerhead and a bath spout, a diverter allows water to interchange between the two through a single tap. 

Mixer taps 

This is your basic mixer tap that has a single spout with a handle to control the flow and temperature of the water. 

Caroma Bathroom Tapware

Now that you are aware of the available options of basin and bath taps, let us introduce you to the types of Caroma bathroom tapware that will surely intrigue you. 

Caroma Luna Tapware

Constructed from high-quality brass, the Caroma Luna Tapware Collection is a highly reliable and durable product to have in your bathroom. Practical for everyday use, this Caroma brass tapware series is sure to enhance your daily lifestyle while giving you that touch of luxury. 

Caroma Urbane Tapware

Now elevated to the Caroma Urbane II Tapware, this series has set a new standard of modern and contemporary design in the Australian market. Highly durable with a wide range of colours and styles to choose from, the Caroma Urbane Tapware has a wide series 

Caroma G Series Tapware

This series combines our world’s technology and a sleek, modern design. Tapware here is touch-free, making them both hygienic and eco-friendly as it ensures water conservation. 

Caroma Caravelle Classic Tapware

These are your classic, all-time favourite tapware. It is simple to use with direct instructions, designed for familiarity and long-term comfort. They usually come in bathroom tap sets for better coordination in your bath space, making it ideal for senior citizens and children. 

Benefits of Caroma Tapware 

There are reasons why Caroma tapware are well-received here in Perth, Australia. They are highly durable, come in a huge variety of styles and designs and are constructed with thoughtfulness to be used efficiently. Whether you are searching specifically for Caroma black tapware, Caroma gold tapware or even Caroma elegance taps, we can confidently say that you can find very little to no bad reviews regarding their products as they are just that good. Caroma tapware here in Perth is used not just in residential home spaces like the kitchen and bathroom but also in commercial spaces. 

Find out more about Caroma

When it comes to planning or redesigning a space, it can get tedious and stressful not knowing where to start or which brand to go with. Especially when it comes down to choosing everyday, functional items such as tapware. You would want to find one that is both stylish, durable and practical and Caroma is no doubt a great brand through and through.

Whether you are transforming your bathroom interior design with new taps or looking to jazz up your bathroom space without doing too much, you just cannot go wrong with Caroma’s bathroom mixer taps and bath tap sets. Even if you just do a quick search of bathroom tapware online or bathroom taps online in Australia, you would find Caroma to be recommended on most sites. 

Yet to believe us? Here, at The Plumbing Store, we have a team of experts ready to convince you otherwise. Drop us an enquiry today and while you are at it, why not head over to our website to check out some Caroma products as we do our best to get back to you? We will await your enquiries! 

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