What Is The Best Water Filtration System For Home Use?

Have you ever wondered how your home water filtration system works here in Perth? From where it comes from to how it gets filtered to how it leaves? Water filtration is a pertinent process to have nowadays as nothing is ever fully clean. 

Fortunately, with today’s advanced technology, in-house water filtration systems can be easily installed and maintained. There are many water filtration systems for you to choose from that best suit your needs. However, if you are still unsure and overwhelmed by choices, let us break that down for you. 

Types of Water Filtration Systems and How They Work

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Reverse Osmosis Purification is one of the most effective and advanced water filtration systems in Australia. Through this process, it will rid your water of any contaminants including dissolved fluids such as fluoride. It is so thorough that it could also filter out healthy minerals and salts. Fortunately, there are cartridges to help replenish those missing minerals and regulate the pH of your water.  

Under Sink System 

Using either an under-sink water filter, also known as a carbon block filtration or reverse osmosis purification, the Under Sink System can be either single or multi-stage. Essentially, filtered water is delivered to you via firstly a separate flexible plastic tube and then through a dedicated faucet. There will be no mixing between filtered water and unfiltered water. 

Bench Top Water Filter

This is a compact, easy-to-install and maintained water filtration system. It instantly improves the taste and freshness of your tap water. How it works is by a lever where you would need to lift it and unfiltered water travels through a pipe towards the filters. Now, clean, filtered water is ready for you. 

Countertop Water Filter

This particular system can be installed anywhere you want within your kitchen space or it could be attached to your faucet if your sink is lacking space. While they are not as powerful as an under-sink system, they still offer a good filtration system. 


What is the best water filtration system for home use?

The best water filtration system a home could have is a Reverse Osmosis System as it is the most effective in removing the most contaminants. Due to its 4-stage design, it helps remove the maximum amount of contaminants from your drinking water, making it safe and clean to consume. 

What is the healthiest water filtration system?

The winner of this is still a Reverse Osmosis System but there are two other ways to help purify your water to make it clean and healthy: 


This has been a well-known water filtration system that has been used by all. It has been taught to us to be used for survival and now you can even do it at home with little to no trouble. All you have to do is boil your water for one to three minutes to effectively eliminate bacteria and other contaminants. 

Tablets or drops 

Using disinfecting tablets or drops such as chlorine dioxide or iodine can help purify water in one that can be consumed. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package and consult a professional when needed. 

Water purifier vs. Water filter 

With water filtration systems and their terminology, it is easy to get confused as to what their names and purposes are. A prime example is the difference between a water purifier and a water filter. 

Essentially, a water filter helps eliminate waterborne protozoa and bacteria but not viruses whereas a water purifier eliminates protozoa, bacteria and viruses altogether. 

The purification system uses absorption, UV radiation, distillation or ion exchange methods to help remove these contaminants but a filter only uses either a filter or a screen. 


Types of water filter cartridges 

Mechanical Filters

This filter removes any suspended solid particles present in untreated tap water. It will pass through a cartridge or mesh filter to trap these large, solid particles such as sand, clay or any other organic matter. 

Ion Exchange Filters

One of the most well-known water filtration methods, the ion exchange filter basically softens untreated tap water to remove unwanted particles in it. 

Reverse Osmosis Filters 

A reverse osmosis filter uses a semi-permeable membrane to filter out unwanted molecules and contaminants such as salt, chlorine and dirt. It is a simple, straightforward process that pushes the untreated water through the filter.

Absorption Filters

Like its name, this filter works by absorbing water-borne contaminants through carbon particles. Due to its surface, it can trap impurities for a clearer and healthier drinking water. 

Sequestration Filters  

This is a way of chemically isolating impurities from untreated water. A sequestration water filter uses polyphosphate to isolate unwanted minerals such as calcium and magnesium from consumption. 


What are zip taps? 

There is also another water filtration system that you may or may not have heard of called a Zip or Zip Tap here in Australia. These are taps that have the latest filtration technology to reduce bacteria, sediment and odours for clean-tasting water. They can conveniently provide instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water through a sleek and stylish tap design. 

What filters are used? 

Zip taps often use carbon filters that are certified in removing cysts such as giardia and lead in untreated water. A zip tap delivers pure-tasting water without contaminants. 


Get your water filtration needs here at The Plumbing Store

Finding and installing the best home water filtration system is an important decision. You would want to find one that is efficient in filtering while still keeping all the necessary healthy minerals for consumption. With so many options available, it could get overwhelming trying to learn all the right terminology and brands available. Luckily, the Plumbing Store is here to help.

We can recommend you the right tap filter, and pure water systems or if you are wondering what is the best under-sink water filtration system, our team can find one that fits your space and the needs of your loved ones. Just drop us an enquiry or a call, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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