Easy-To-Follow Caroma Buying Guide For Your Bathroom

Do you need a hand trying to select which products you want for your new bathroom? Maybe you’ve already chosen a brand, but you simply don’t understand the different variations of bathroom products, and how to choose them? 

Well I have some good news for you! If you are thinking Caroma is the brand for you, and you need a hand selecting which products to buy, this is the complete buying guide for Caroma products!


The Caroma Story 

Is Caroma Australian made? Yes, yes it is. Caroma has been a leading bathroom product brand in Australia and New Zealand for over 78 years, striving for; form, function, and looks. Pushing innovation with every design, Caroma has been subjected to many awards, year in, year out. This has led Caroma to a string of awards from:

  • Good Design Australia
  • Index Architecture & Design Awards 
  • Green Good Design Awards
  • German Design Awards 
  • If Design Award
  • Sustainability Awards 
  • Green Plumbers Awards 

Why do Caroma keep pushing for innovation and design? It’s simple. Although the awards are nice, by pushing innovation and design Caroma improves the comfort of the customer, and improves the health of the planet.


Caroma Toilets 

If you’re looking at Caroma toilets, you’re going to be looking for quite some time. There is an extensive range to say the least. Before you make your decision, you should consider the following

  • How much space do you have to install the toilet?
  • What does my existing plumbing look like and does the new toilet match it? 
  • Who will install the toilet? 
  • What Water Efficiency Labeling and Standards (WELS) does the toilet have? Remembering new homes must have 4 and higher, while renovations must have 3 and higher.
  • What features does it have? Such as the Caroma Cleanflush.

Features Caroma Toilets Promise 

  • Superior rimless hygiene 
  • Easy clean drop zones 
  • 400kg load tested 
  • Uni-orbital connector flexible installation 
  • 20 year warranty (see products for details)

How To Choose A Caroma Toilet 

  • What Back Do You Want For Your Toilet? 
    • Concealed
    • Wallfacing
    • Close Coupled 
    • Connector 
  • What Trap Pan Do You Need?
    • Universal trap pan 
    • S trap pan
    • P trap pan 
  • What Sort of Cistern Do You Need?
    • Bottom Inlet Cistern
    • Back Entry Cistern 
    • Concealed Cistern 


Caroma Baths 

The bath will be one of the main purchases for your bathroom, both in the space it uses and how much it costs. To make sure you are getting the best deal on your bath, closely consider the following: 

  • How much space do you have to install the bath? This will significantly affect your options. 
  • What material do you want your bath to be made out of?
  • What shape of bath do you want? Oval and square are most popular, but you can also get other shapes. 
  • What colour do you want?

Features Caroma Baths Promise 

How To Choose A Caroma Bath

  • What Design Do You Want For Your Bath?
    • Caroma inset bath 
    • Caroma back to wall bath 
    • Caroma freestanding bath 
  • What Material Do You Want For Your Bath?
    • Acrylic 
    • Solid surface 


Caroma Basins 

Caroma sinks are a staple in contemporary bathrooms. Before getting a basin, consider:

  • Who’s using it? Children will need a step or a lower basin
  • How big is it?
  • Who will install it? 

Features Caroma Basins Promise 

How To Choose A Caroma Basin 

  • How Many Tap Holes Does The Basin Have?
    • No tape hole; good for tapware installed on the wall
    • 1 tap hole; good for a basin mixer
    • 2 tap holes; good for installing 2 taps on the basin
    • 3 tap holes; good for installing three-piece tapware 
  • What Shape Basin Do You Want?
    • Oval
    • Round
    • Rectangle 
    • Square 
  • What Sort Of Basin Do You Want? 
    • Vessel basins  (above counter) 
    • Inset basins 
    • Vanity basins 
    • Semi recessed basins 
    • Under counter basins 
    • Wall hung/floating basins 


Caroma Tapware and Mixers

There are many different bathroom styles, so there should be an equally large amount of Caroma taps. When buying taps, you need to know: 

  • Who will be using the tap? Children and the elderly will find it difficult to use three-piece tap sets compared to mixers 
  • How many holes does your basin have?
  • What material do you want? Read our article on materials here
  • Who will install the tap?

Features Caroma Taps Promise

How To Choose A Caroma Tap

    • Caroma shower heads 
    • Caroma bath taps 
    • Caroma laundry products 
    • Caroma washing machine taps 
    • Caroma kitchen sink taps 
    • Caroma free standing bath filler 
    • Caroma electric mixer
    • Caroma wall basin set
    • Caroma bathroom basin mixer 
    • Caroma bath/shower mixer
    • Caroma wall bath set 
  • What Material Do You Want?
    • Chrome 
    • Stainless steel 
    • Black 


Caroma Showers 

The shower is an outlet that makes a significant difference to your bathroom renovation. Remembering form follows function, you can make the shower an extremely practical showstopper. When buying a shower, consider:

  • Who is going to be showering here? If it’s for adults you might want to emphasise luxury. If it’s for kids and guests, you might be able to accommodate with something a bit more simple 
  • Have a look at how much water is used per minute with the different spray patterns 
  • Have a look at the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) rating 

Features Caroma Showers Promise 

How To Choose A Caroma Shower

  • What Sort of Head Do You Need?
    • Fixed wall 
    • Adjustable
    • Hand held 
    • Rail showers 
    • Rain showers
  • What Material Do You Want?
    • Chrome 
    • Black 
    • Stainless steel 


Caroma Laundry Sinks/Tubs 

Laundry sinks are much deeper than the kitchen and bathroom sinks because they need to be able to soak and clean clothes. There are a few things you need to consider first: 

  • What sort of tub do you want and who will install it?
  • What material are you going to choose?
  • The use of the sink will determine how big you should get 
  • What size tub can your area fit?

Features Caroma Laundry Sinks Promise 

  • Corrosion resistant steel 304 grade 
  • Outdoor suitable steel 316 grade 
  • Includes steel basket waste drain 
  • Stain resistant 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Lifetime warranty (see products for more details) 

How To Choose A Caroma Laundry Sink 

  • Select A Material 
  • How Many Tap Holes?
    • No tap hole
    • One tap hole 
  • Select A Style of Sink 
    • Single 34 litre 
    • Tub and cabinet 
    • Flushline 


Caroma Bathroom Accessories 

Caroma bathroom products and accessories will be sure to spruce up your space. There is a large variety that can be used in a range of bathroom designs. 

Features Caroma Bathroom Accessories Promise 

Sorts Of Caroma Bathroom Accessories 

  • Caroma towel rails 
  • Caroma toilet roll holders 
  • Caroma soap holders 
  • Caroma hand towel rings/holders 
  • Caroma robe hooks 
  • Caroma bathroom shelves
  • Caroma Toilet brush holders 
  • Caroma bottle traps
  • Caroma waste bins 
  • Caroma shower seats 


Where To Buy Caroma Products? 

When it comes to plumbing needs, The Plumbing Store ranks among the top companies for the best bathroom products in Australia. The Plumbing Store has local customer service in Perth, so we will understand your needs. Our range is large and we are competitively priced. For your tap needs, browse our website now, or contact us today!

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