His & Hers Bathroom Basin Layout Ideas

Choosing the new basin for your bathroom remodel or renovation is a great opportunity to set the tone for your new space. Will your new bathroom basin be the focal point for your ensuite design, or will it help add more space to your small bathroom layout? 

This blog will help you make a confident choice in your new his and hers basin by answering vital questions such as, why should I get a double vanity? What types of double vanities can I choose from? What do I need to consider when installing a double sink vanity? 


What Is A Double Vanity?

For anyone wondering what are his and hers sinks called, they are also referred to as a double vanity. A double vanity is a bathroom vanity that has two basins instead of one. Perfect for an ensuite where two people are sharing one space. 

A double vanity includes two sinks, extra storage built-in, two mirrors or one long one and a countertop, usually made from laminate, concrete or stone.

How Long Are His And Hers Sinks?

How long your double sink vanity is depends on the size of your bathroom. Generally, homeowners opt for a 60-inch double vanity size, which leaves plenty of space for two sinks with a generous amount of space in the middle for indoor plants, skincare or decorations. 


Why Should I Get A Double Vanity?

Double vanities are a popular choice for ensuites for many reasons, including:

  • Double vanity bathrooms create a grander look in any ensuite design. 
  • Double sink bathrooms invite a calming feeling into a shared space.
  • His and Hers bathrooms increase the value of your home.

Whether you want more countertop space and built-in storage for a clean and organised bathroom, or you want to increase your ROI for renting or selling, or you are looking to create a luxurious feeling every time you step into your spacious his and hers bathroom, you can’t go wrong with a double vanity!


What Types Of Double Vanities Can I Choose From?

Whether you have chosen a minimalist, modern or industrial style bathroom there are many types of double vanities to choose from! To help you create your ideal bathroom we have shared three popular bathroom vanity designs below, including what is the most popular bathroom sink style in 2022.

Double Vanity Cabinet:

This style is a very common choice for homeowners. It provides lots of inbuilt storage, perfect for small bathrooms, and the flexibility to choose colours, materials, style of doors and door handles.

Floating Double Vanity 

For a clean, open and luxury ensuite design homeowners opt for a floating double vanity. Floating vanities are mounted to the wall, leaving plenty of floor space underneath to create a modern floating look. 

Under-Mounted Double Sink Vanity

This style is popular for modern style ensuite designs. Instead of your double basins sitting on the countertop, they are mounted below the countertop. This means instead of your tapware sitting on top of the sink like in traditional vanities it is also sitting on top of the countertop. This combination creates a more sleek surface and a striking look. Although this does mean that you will have limited storage space underneath the sink. 

In 2022 the under-mounted sink is increasingly becoming the most popular style of basin for modern homeowners.

For more bathroom sink ideas we recommend reading Refreshing Bathroom Basin Designs That Will Update Your Space next. 


Which Vanity Best Suites My New Bathroom? 

Before you get too excited looking at glamorous double vanities on Pinterest, we recommend first considering whether a single or double vanity will best suit your bathroom. While a double sink vanity will add more countertop space and storage in your bathroom, it also means less floor space, more plumbing and extra costs. Sometimes, a single vanity makes more sense depending on your bathroom layout and budget, here are a few key points to consider when deciding on your ensuite design.

Bathroom layout:

How important is space in your ensuite design? Do you want lots of space to move around? Or would you rather have more storage space over ample floor space? Generally speaking, single vanities are best suited to small bathroom layouts to minimise clutter, especially if you are planning on selling or renting your home in the future. However, just because you have space for a double vanity doesn’t automatically mean a double sink vanity is the right choice for you. Maybe you would prefer a bathroom with a large freestanding bath and a double walk-in shower over a double sink vanity.


Bathroom renovations can quickly add up and become very costly. His and Hers bathrooms require double the amount of plumbing, and depending what type of double vanity you have chosen, you have to purchase double the amount of sinks and taps. Before making any major purchase for your ideal bathroom, we recommend first figuring out what you can afford. 

Home value:

If you plan on selling or renting your home in the future we recommend making decisions now that will increase the value of your home. Double vanity bathrooms appeal to more buyers because of the extra storage, countertop space and luxurious appeal. Transforming your ordinary bathroom into a spacious his and hers bathroom now is a smart investment for your future.  


What Do I Need To Consider When Installing A Double Sink Vanity? 

The first step when designing your ideal bathroom is to choose what your ideal bathroom layout is. Bathroom layouts can be as simple and traditional or as creative and striking as you like! Deciding between a simple bathroom design or modern bathroom layout will determine the size and placement of your double vanity.  Your ideal bathroom layout should perfectly blend functionality with aesthetic design. 

  1. Does your double vanity leave sufficient floor space to move around comfortably?
  2. Does your double vanity ensure windows can be easily opened and closed?
  3. Does your double vanity stretch from wall to wall or does it stop short, creating unusable gaps? 
  4. What is the focal point of your space? Will it be your freestanding bath or double vanity?


Where Can I Shop For A New Vanity?

Now that you have chosen your ideal bathroom layout, whether a double sink vanity or single basin is best for your ensuite design and which style of sink is best for you now it’s time to order your new basin. 

The plumbing store has a wide range of bathroom sink designs, including above counter basins, inset basins, semi-recessed basins, vanity basins and wall basins. Browse and purchase the perfect basin to compliment your new bathroom design now

For any general inquiries please get in touch with the plumbing store team here.

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