How to Quick Install an Under Sink Water Filter Without the Mess

Are you thinking of installing a water filter? Whether you’re a homeowner or just wanting to touch up your current rental, installing a water filter and water filter tap into your space can significantly increase that “luxury” feel. So, how do you install it?

Installation isn’t quite as difficult as you might think, and it can be done yourself! How do you do it yourself? The way to a successful installation comes down to preparation and understanding. If you have all the right things prepared, and study up on what the processes are, you are one step closer to perfect drinking water.

However, there are also many plumbing professionals out there who are all willing to help! If you’re short on time or are worried about installing a water filter system yourself, consult a professional!


Tools You Will Need For Your Under Sink Water Filter Installation 

As with any project, there are certain tools you will need so you can complete it. Our recommended list of tools are: 

  • Crescent 
  • Sharp knife 
  • Thread tape
  • Drill
  • Towel
  • Bucket 
  • Electrical tape
  • Pen/pencil/marking device
  • Hole punch or sharp object 


The Materials Needed For An Under Sink Water Filter Installation 

When installing an under sink water filter, every material you’re going to need should be included in the water filter kit you buy. This is why you should buy trusted products, not only will the water filter itself be better, but the pre and post purchase experience will be far better!


What Are We Actually Installing Today? 

To make things simple and easier to understand, we are essentially going to be installing 3 things today. They are: 

  1. The limiting valve 
  2. The faucet 
  3. The water filter 


Our Process Guide To Installing Your Water Filter 


Process 1: Stop What You Are Doing And Turn The Water Mains Off!

The biggest mistake you are able to make in this entire process is to start work before turning your water mains off. Please, after you finish reading this sentence, go make sure your mains are off. 

If you start work while the water mains are still running, and you disconnect a pipe, you’re going to be knee deep in need of help quicker than you can say “uh oh spaghetti-ohs”. 

You live above someone and you make this mistake? You sure as straws won’t be liked for very long. Go turn the mains off!

Process 2: Connect Your Water Filter To A Water Source

Underneath your sink you will have a flexible pipe that is used for your current cold water tap. You can use this to connect your water filter. Most people also have a dishwasher hose, which can also be used. 

Most people use the dishwasher tap and install diverters to direct water to the water filter. 

To install the water filter and diverter, you must: 

  1. Place a towel and bucket where you might be disconnecting any pipes to limit spills 
  2. Break the lock that is connected to your dishwasher tap and disconnect the hose
  3. Remove the dishwasher tap and give it a clean
  4. Put thread tape on the thread of the diverter/adaptor and reconnect it
  5. Put thread tape around the thread of your water filter on/off adapter, then screw it on the diverter. 
  6. Trim whatever you need from the water pipe (usually 10-15cm)
  7. Feed water pipe into the nut and screw it onto the on/off adaptor
  8. Tighten all parts with a crescent 
  9. Push the water pipe into the on/off adaptor 

Process 3: Install Your Pressure Limiting Valve 

This will be halfway through your final installation. Get excited, you’re almost done. This is what you need to do to install a pressure limiting valve: 

  1. Push your water pipe that is attached to the on/off adapter into the pressure limiting valve 
  2. Trim your water pipe and make sure it has enough length to reach from your on/off tap, to the water filter 
  3. Connect your water piping to your pressure limiting valve and make sure the arrows on it face the direction of the filter
  4. Connect water pipe to the inlet of your water filter 

Process 4: Installing The Water Filter Sink Faucet (That Little Tap Thingy) 

Measure twice and cut once. Once you start drilling and cutting material away, there’s no adding it back. Before you start drilling an area in your sink for your faucet, have a look underneath that you have a space to be able to get to it. Follow this process checklist: 

  1. Pick a place on your sink (usually the top right) that is flat enough to drill the hole
  2. Use your marking device to clearly outline where you are drilling (measure carefully) 
  3. Use a small drill bit to first make a guiding hole on your mark
  4. Then use a bigger drill bit (usually about a half inch) to finish off the hole for the faucet
  5. Attach the water pipes to the bottom of the faucet 
  6. Screw and secure the faucet into its not home!

Process 5: Final Checks And Turning The Mains Back On 

The final stage is polishing off your project. Clean up any messes, which are hopefully minimal, and dust off your area. Keep your bucket and towel in an advantageous area to catch any leaks that may happen when the water pipes are loaded back up. Follow these steps when undergoing your final checks: 

  1. Tidy the area 
  2. Place bucket and towel in a position where they will catch potential leaks
  3. Make a final check everything is connected and fastened 
  4. Turn the water main back on 
  5. Granted there are no leaks, keep the mains on and check your tap works 
  6. If water flows from it, give it a few good seconds to run, they try your refreshing filtered water!

Final Thoughts 

If you’re still wondering; can I install a water filtration system myself? Make sure you thoroughly consult your water filter installation instructions, all good brands will come with some. After that if you still have concerns, consult a professional.


Getting Plumbing Help

Not that installing a water filter would ever cost this much money, but if you are doing any sort of building work in Australia and it exceeds $20,000 in value, you will need a registered builder or licensed plumber. There’s also a set of rules and regulations that you wouldn’t expect that will legally require you to hire a plumber. To install water filters you do not need a plumber.

However, this “need” for a plumber doesn’t address if you simply want a plumber. If you aren’t feeling confident on installing the water filter on your own, feel free to ask a plumber to do it. The Plumbing Store is more than happy to arrange you with a qualified professional.


The Best Place to Get Water Filters 

When it comes to water filters, or anything plumbing related, The Plumbing Store offers very competitive prices on a very easy-to-use platform. Water filter cartridges, water filter housing and accessories are in abundance on our website. Our customer service team is completely local, so whatever your needs are, contact us today so we can work out a solution with you.

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