The Best Bathroom Accessories for Wonderful Washroom Walls

At some point, we’ve all probably wondered: what should I put on my bathroom walls? In life, none of us share exactly the same thoughts. It’s no different when it comes to bathroom decor ideas. To some, a bathroom might be a joyous melange of vibrantly counterpoised accessories. To others, the same bathroom might look a bit of a mess. 

With this in mind, nobody can tell you what accessory scheme’s going to look great to you in your bathroom. What we can do however is offer some of the best bathroom accessory ideas around at the moment, for you to look at, take in and get some inspiration from. 


What should you consider when choosing accessories for your bathroom?

What accessories does a bathroom need? What are the best wall decor for bathroom ideas? Depends on the bathroom. Always take a good look at what the vibe’s like in your bathroom at present. The finest accessories yet crafted won’t suit every bathroom, so think carefully about the environment you’re asking your new accessories to grace. 

A postmodern flurry of different eras on bathroom walls may float an art philosopher’s boat but might induce feelings of confusion in the average bathroom-goer. Think harmony. 

Things don’t have to uniformly match – that way lies sterility and staleness. But bathroom wall decorations have to work together so that each accessory becomes a flattering context for its neighbours. 

Sometimes, contrast can deliver this, but be careful that what you think of as a refreshing polarisation is not just a failure to see that you have a jarring mismatch. 

Consider also the size of the room – will that thumping great industrial style towel rail really fit in that understair cloakroom? Conversely, will that single filament lighting really do justice to the space you have in that cavernous family bathroom?

Lots of us try to adhere to William Morris’ advice that you should have nothing in your house that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. You can do one better here. Accessories don’t need to be simply practical or aesthetic. They can combine the two. Most bathrooms don’t have a surfeit of space, so to be able to have objects that are both useful and beautiful is a real benefit. 


What are some wall decor ideas?

How do I put accessories in my bathroom? With care, and a soupçon of daring. The world of bathroom wall decor ideas is massive. It goes from wild washroom wonderlands to the most simple bathroom design. It’s difficult to know where to start. Let’s start with this. 

Sizzling surfaces

Why stick to just tiles? Have a mix of a wall of tiles, one of wallpaper and one of paint. Just have the tiles where they need to be (around the shower’s an obvious spot) and go wild elsewhere. Mural? Why not? Marble? Sure! The contrasting surfaces will add interest and freshness to your bathroom feel.

Go gallery

If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘what should I put on an empty bathroom wall?’ There’s no reason why you can’t utilise that wall space for some bathroom artwork. The right bathroom wall art can enliven the setting and give people something to look at while they’re, er, otherwise engaged. People are often too busy for proper artwork appreciation – a bathroom can deliver the opportunity for people with a bit of time on their hands. 

It might be worth considering the high moisture content in the average bathroom. You won’t want your best watercolours to end up too watery. Think about other media, such as metal art prints.

Mirror magic

It’s one of the oldest but most effective tricks in the book for rooms of limited size, so worth considering for a small bathroom. A well placed mirror will create a feeling of much needed space in a bathroom that’s just too cosy. In fact, on reflection, why stop there? Assemble a bunch of contrasting mirrors with different sizes and frame styles to give you a really stimulating array of shiny surfaces. 

Surefire shelving

Shelves can be that marvelous blend of utility and attractiveness. Look at a lovely piece of distressed timber and mount it floating-style. Stick an ornamental plant on there together with a few well-selected books (The Grapes of Froth, The Holy Bubble, The Faucet Saga, etc) and you have a really eye-catching piece of accessorising. 

Vanity va-va-voom

One of the best small space bathroom ideas, a well-designed vanity sink can provide valuable storage while looking absolutely amazing. Try to find a unit that offers a series of different storage spaces to suit towels, lotions and potions and who knows what else?

Totally tapped

Bring your basin to life with top-notch taps. Again, think about achieving that utility/beauty combo with some fab looking filter taps. 

Wallmounted wonders

Another of the best small bathroom ideas: consider what you can mount on the wall rather than on the floor. Basins work well on a wall, and you can even have a toilet on the wall if you like. Needs to be quite low down though. Rule of thumb: your feet should be able to touch the ground. The more space you can clear on the floor the better for making the room feel larger. It makes it easier to clean, too. 

Massive maps

You don’t have to just have solid blocks of colour or repeated patterns on the walls. There are bathroom art wallpapers out there that give you the opportunity to get cartographic with a wall covering map. It can be of Australia if you’re feeling patriotic, or it might be of where you went on your favourite holiday. 

Or somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. If you never actually make it there, at least you got to see it every time you popped into your bathroom. 

Plant power

The moist air in a bathroom is guaranteed to make most plants very happy. And they’ll repay your hospitality by filling the room with enlivening richly-oxygenated air. Just the thing for those bleary early morning visits. 

Don’t stick with popping them on a unit or a shelf. Think about putting a statement whopper in a pot on the floor, if your bathroom can handle it. 


What style or brand should you go for?

Utterly up to you, on both counts. There are some great brands available, including Caroma and Decina, with looks and styles to suit most people. You’ll need to see their range and decide for yourself which suits you best. 


Where can you find the answer to your bathroom decor wall needs?

There are a great many bathroom suppliers out there, but one of the widest ranges of decor solutions can be found at The Plumbing Store. Well worth a visit – they’re bound to have just the item that will give you that wow moment. They put the cor! into bathroom decor.

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