Investing In A Water Filtration System: The Pros and Cons

Investing in a water filter is a big commitment for a lot of people. Or they are a small investment. It might sound like a little bit of a foolish comment to make, but it can be both! 

Water filters are incredibly versatile and what a lot of people don’t realise is; you have to buy for what your needs are. A whole house water filtration system filters water at the point of entry, so every faucet in the house has filtered water. Less extensive water filter systems, like under sink water filter systems, instead filter at the point of exit, and filter only what is coming out of that specific faucet. 

Because there are different levels of water filtering, the best home water filtration system will depend on how the pros outweigh the cons on your specific needs. Here is what you need to know to make an informed decision!


Purification vs Filtration 

You might assume that purification and filtration are interchangeable terms, but they are not. 

Purification means purifying the water to make it safe to drink by adding chemicals that kill waterborne viruses. This job is usually done by governing bodies like Water Corp.

Filtration on the other hand is further down the supply chain and is done at the home. This step removes some of the chemicals added in the purification process, which are safe to drink but may have an off taste. Filtration can also soften the water. 


Do You Need A Water Filter System In Australia 

Luckily in Australia, water filter systems are typically a luxury item because organisations like Water Corp are responsible for purifying the water we drink. That doesn’t mean water filters are any less popular though. 

It’s true, in a lot of places, the water straight from the tap is quite pleasant! But this can change depending on what city you live in, or even each individual house. Some pipes are older than others and as such will have different contaminants. 

To an extent, judging if you need a water filter is a self assessment. If your water is smelling funny, tastes off, stains appliances, or anything you’re not happy with, you should consider a filter. If you have greater concerns relating to your health, you can contact your council or Water Corp to give an assessment.  


Pros And Cons Of Your Investment 

Rather than talk about the pros and cons of each specific type of water filter and water filter system, which you can read up on here, in this blog we will talk about the pros and cons of your water filter investment as a whole. 


Pro | It Will Remove Tastes and Odours From Your Water

Not all water sources will have this problem, but if your water source is making you uneasy and tastes off, you should strongly consider getting a filter. Usually with this problem it is best to go with an under sink water filtration system, that specialises in refreshing drinking water. Having a water filter on a single faucet will be the most cost-effective method.

If you only need a filter for the taste of your water, your water quality for washing is probably fine. As such, a whole house water filter is probably excessive. 


Pro | It Can Give Your Reassurance On Your Water Quality

It is an ongoing debate if the chemicals that are put in Australia’s tap water are good or bad for you. Everyone is in agreement that the chemicals need to be initially added to purify the water, but the discussion comes from if the trace amounts of chemicals that reach your home are  good for you, or not. If you have doubts, you should consider an under sink water filter or similar system that will remove chemicals from your drinking water.


Pro | It Can Soften Your Water

Are you finding the water in your toilet is staining your bowl? Or is the water drying in your shower staining the shower screen? Maybe there’s a metallic taste in the water. This probably means you need a water softener, which will remove metal elements like calcium and magnesium from your water.

A whole house water filtration system with a softener will make sure all water coming into the house, even the toilet, will have these metal ions removed from your water. If you’re wondering what the best whole house water filtration system is for the job, you should start by browsing through some reputable products and brands.


Pro | It Can Give You Protection

There are some systems that offer a level of water purification. You might need this sort of extensive filtration if your water source comes from a well system or you’re based rurally. 

If this is you, reverse-osmosis whole house water filtration systems are probably the best for you. 


Con | Some of The Chemicals In The Water Are Good For You

This is the other side of the chemical removal argument. The government puts things like fluoride in the water that is actually good for your dental hygiene by building the enamel on your teeth. If you don’t mind the taste of your water and you want this extra layer of protection, a water filter isn’t for you.


Con | Do You Like Distilled Water?

Some water filters remove 100% of the minerals in your water, turning it into distilled water. The minerals in water actually give it flavour which most people enjoy. Mineral percentages in water are how bottled water companies try to differentiate themselves, no one is selling distilled water to drink. This could be something to think about when selecting a water filter. 


Con | They Can Be Expensive 

Water filters can be expensive and are usually considered a luxury item. However, they do come in a range of shapes and sizes, from; water bottle filters, to whole house filters! No doubt each option will be more expensive than just getting water from the tap, but this is just something you have to weigh up. Is spending the money worth it for the problem it will fix? Browse here to consider your options. 


Con | They Can Waste A Lot of Water (Sometimes)

Some systems that purify water, like the reverse-osmosis whole house system, can use up and discard a lot of water. This can be costly and unsustainable, but if you need your water purified it is probably a cost you have to endure. 


Final Comments  

There’s a heap of different reasons why you would get a water filter, and there’s a heap of different water filters that can help you. The best practice to employ is to do your research of what products are on the market, and work out if you need a low level single faucet solution, or a whole house option. If you still aren’t sure, you should consult a professional!


Where To Get Your Water Filter 

When it comes to water filters, or anything plumbing related, The Plumbing Store offers very competitive prices on a very easy-to-use platform. Water filter cartridges, water filter housing and accessories are in abundance on our website. Our customer service team is completely local, so whatever your needs are, contact us today so we can work out a solution with you.

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